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Jen asks some hardball questions, some heavy hitters. Just kidding, but I got to express myself like an 80’s HipHop star. Or a duck hunter on major American networks, either way I got to talk about some motivations and obsessions while painting this portrait of our valiant president.
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Artist Donates 5 foot Oil Portrait of Trump, Auctioned For Republican Campaign

“For Immediate Release”

Feature story or interview by request

President Trump & Republicans in Indiana To Receive Artist’s Donation of Large Trump Portrait in Oils to be auctioned off as a donation to benefit the conservatives in office.

His work has been featured in Time Magazine, New Statesman, New York Times, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Huffington Post, USA Today and Wall Street Journal. In 2019 he did a TED talk about his artistic endeavors in the desert and for a short time he was the president of the Chamber of Commerce in that desert town, Goldfield, Nevada. The Car Forest quickly become an international oddity celebrated, and was recently featured in Time Magazine.

–“It’s kind of my style to paint the most polarizing face in America because I see that his work is good. And I see that even the conflicts attract attention to the subjects at hand. Our man is a showman with bravado. I hope to inspire diversity of thought. It’s a matter of expressing with courage a defense of my conservative stance amongst the liberal art world. I became the black sheep.”

–artist, Chad Sorg

In Reno, NV for 20 years, Sorg co-founded NadaDada Motel, art exhibitions in motel rooms. 400 creatives have participated. The 3rd year brought with it a New York Times article on NadaDada. He helped built & promote the International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield, NV. which is a roadside attraction of 40 cars planted vertically and painted by visiting mural artists. There’s no accounting for taste.

Chad Sorg has been back in Fort Wayne, IN since 2017 quietly painting paintings in his studio but the artist has now painted a large portrait of President Donald J. Trump. No attention is bad attention. At least politics is interesting.

Silent Auction, $5000 minimum.

Painting, oil on canvas, 40” x 60”, framed in poplar.

Painting is on display at Allen County Republican Headquarters in downtown Fort Wayne, IN. The funds are being donated to the Trump’s Re-election Campaign as well as Allen County Republican Party. Prints of the portrait will be available.


Artist, Chad Sorg

Art of Sorg on Facebook

Painting Goes to the Headquarters (vid)

I started this oil painting in the fall of 2019 and it’s been a journey. I’m donating the profit from this painting to the party and to the man. I speak in code here, you know who I mean.

Starting bid will be $5000.

He Whose Name Not Spoken

So, he’ll be auctioned at the local headquarters. I feel like I have to talk in code right now so they don’t censor me. I’m donating it all to the party and our man in office.
He whose name shall not be spoken. 2020!



I’ve painted a close up portrait of Donald Trump on a large scale, 60 inches tall, and it’s been framed nicely and professionally in dark wood by my dad. I’m donating it to the republicans for re-election.

Some people are worth taking a long look at. President Trump pulls out emotion in the people today. He’s got them fired up because power is energy and Mr. Trump knows how power works. I love how he’s energizing the world. I thought he was a great subject to make so much larger than life.


Big time. It’s the biggest face I’ve ever done on canvas and he deserves it.


I didn’t paint our President in the usual “presidential style”and I wasn’t trying to be complimentary because who needs that kind of dishonest non-scrutiny? I think Donald Trump is happy in his own skin. For better or for worse, he knows who he is. He knows what he has to do.

We have a common sense president in the White House.

I was going for realism because he’s going for realism.

The shading is intense and serious is the mood.  He’s not Mr. nice guy. He’s tough. He’s rough. His expression is determined. I wanted the skin to be not too polished, instead heavily textured. The scale allowed for this frenetic mottling because it’s much larger than life and there was room to let my brush get harsh.

It’s hard to stand confident but I took a stand to paint this one. The resistance has made him stronger and us too. This president is not just talking, he’s doing. We can inspire people to work and succeed.

It’s been interesting to see the power a painting has gathered from the outside world. It inspires passionate reaction, this face on canvas. He’s more of an archetype. It’s not me and it really is interesting to see the Trump effect.

Wish me luck.

My Winter of Artistic Transition

It’s the winter of my transfiguration. My best gifts should be out in front reaching a broader audience–the masses of the world need to see my creations. Creativity for all! No offense, to you dear readers, it’s not that you are not cool but more of you would be cooler.

More people need to be seeing what I’m making. My audience needs to expand across the seas and colonize space. This is what I’m up to, artistically, I’ll say. I’m the guy that values the creative endeavor enough to share it endlessly. My first painting was 30 years ago. But I want to be smart enough about it to see how it touches y’all and get that feedback directly.

It’s always “hey look at me”. I’ve got to stay humble or that could break me. It’s not easy living in the spotlight all the time. I’m happy that people might want to watch me but I have to create for them. They are what makes me.

I’m grateful to the friends being supportive. And it’s heartfelt seeing what the joining of the like-minded breeds. The creative types, together we make great things. Inspired moments indeed.

Sorg is Doing A TEDx TALK

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.21.52 AM

“Artists were the original self promoters” says Chad Sorg from the cool desert shade cast by towering buses he helped plant at the International Car Forest of the Last Church in Goldfield, Nevada. With Sorg’s help the roadside destination already has a sizable root system of international media publicity which is growing daily. Huffington Post calls the International Car Forest of the Last Church one of 11 therapeutic art destinations to see and Stella McCartney recently filmed a fashion video there and there’s a documentary being filmed.

Sorg portrait paints in the Midwest when he’s not living periodically as the Fishbowler in display windows across the country. He was a founder of NadaDada Motel which has proudly called to attention the work of 300 artists and performers and the New York Times published the story in 2009. He’s currently writing a book about his adventures and lessons learned. When he’s not TED talking he’s window cleaning. @Art of Sorg on Facebook & Fishbowler.

TED X Carson City, NV, Mar. 29th, 2019

and then I FISHBOWL! @ Junkee’s in Reno!

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