“Yes, The Bus is Standing Up on End” Goldfield Journal #11

There’s a great radio station here in Goldfield. I realize that’s hard to believe it, but they’ll play all these songs I’ve never heard, such as this 80’s funk song sayin’ “Get funky!” I realize this doesn’t narrow it down much but it’s kinda funny. There’s this primitive rapping in it and ‘kangg-kownnngg, waahhh wahhh’ kinda sounds.

Most of this stuff I never hear on the radio. They don’t have to make money on the songs anymore so they’re not played. Banjo, Willie, Patsy and Johnny Cash, but then a lot of really funky choices are thrown up against Bob Marley or Dylan. The only commercials are these really stupid impersonations of Nixon begging for donations to the station so they can replace their ’62 Dell computer.

Did you ever see Vanishing Point? It was made in the very early 70’s and featured a radio DJ that broadcast from the Goldfield Hotel. The hotel has not changed one bit and I don’t think the rest of the town has either. It’s a car movie and touted as having some of the best chase scenes in the history of cinema. It’s a classic, watch it some time.

It’s nice sitting here right now. I’m at the car forest. I came to visit some cars and see where I wanna’ go with them. I was able to the cars and kick some dirt off their windshields & pick up scraps a bit. I even got to spray a bit of color. I have some great metallic and basically every color I could want. We’ve got these little mirror pieces to apply to some cars, so I was planning that out a bit too. It won’t be all painting on these cars. I hope to get some great welders here to build shade off of these things too; maybe make a few of them into steel trees, with leaves. I imagine the people camping here in the future under the cars.

Yes, the bus is standing up on end above us on the hill. You can see this thing from EVERYWHERE in town. I know because we drove across town today and I could see it at all times, up on a ridge. The bus is much higher than the tallest building in town. This sleepy village gives me delight; 198 people with mostly run down homes. There’s not much point in keeping things presentable, but they must wonder what the hell Michael Mark’s up to. He likes to allude to people here being scared of him, or at least not sure of his motivations. He considers himself a bit of an outcast. We’ll show them.

Mark is currently running the backhoe and is about to bury aPlymouthstation wagon, bluish white. It’s kinda’ nice lookin’ with its 4 headlights that are round. Body looks pretty good on it. It will be a beautiful canvas for someone. It was my choice where to stand this one up and I suggested we put it on a hill coming into the gully that is the most concentrated area of car forest. This car can also be seen from all over town.

K-Pow is looking great. I got up here in the Suburban just before sunset and at that time it was sprinkling a little bit. It gave the painting a real nice look with water beading up on it. I started with that car when I got to Goldfield a couple weeks ago, and as I predicted, it’s gotten the most attention from me so far. The explosion was painted pretty well, I’d say. The yellows to reds contrast nicely with some purple, blues and black. I used a brush just a little bit to set it off more sharply.

At this point I’ve got around 6 cars I’m making art on so I’m trying to stick to them and not expand my territory. It’s been a very popular invitation to ask my friends if they’d like to have a car to paint. In the dust & sun or snow  wind, at least they’ll have a good station to listen to.

“Yes, The Bus is Standing Up on End” Goldfield Journal #11


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  1. So, What exactally are you doing in Goldfield? Ive read all your facebook pages and here at Fishbowler. I cant quite figure it out. I asked my partner if hes ever heard of the motel in Reno, he said yes, it is a venue for artists and people can visit the rooms to view. Is that right? And what is the car forest there in Goldfield. Im very interested in that. Im a bit of a car buff. Is this going to be like the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas? I was just through Goldfield last Sunday, but didnt see the bus, or maybe I did and just thought it was part of the landscape there. Is there really a radio station in Goldfield? If so, I like the music that you have posted. Have you met Virginia yet? Shes the keeper of the Keys to the Goldfield Hotel. I hope to be meeting her in October, we are somewhat slated to do an investigation on the Hotel. Maybe we could come and meet you too.

    1. I’m painting these cars. pics being uploaded all the time of them. Yeah, I need to get a photog down here to record me in action. Other artists are being invited too. yeah, Cad Ranch and Carhenge are our competion, so to speak. We’re beating the world record for a car forest. Within a year, this thing’ll be all over the media. Slam dunk.

      I do journals about the experience too. Yeah, let’s keep in touch, I take it you’re the paranormal people? Haven’t yet met her, myself. Mark knows her though.

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