Last Church, The Legend Starts

Ever been to Goldfield? It’s in the middle of Nevada, and here, we’ll be sharing the story.

Saint Michael Mark is the patron saint here and legend has it an alien came to inhabit his body since the age of 23.

Father Sorg is a wandering monk from the Mysterious Order of NadaDada. This band of nomadic creatives worship in various locations including motels.

Sorg has come to join Michael Mark in his quest to edify the world and call attention to the teachings of Jesus Christ:

“This monument is to the teachings of Christ, not the bullshit from the Bible, etc. but the stuff that’s inside you.
Jesus was the most influential person I’d come across. He seems to touch everyone in this world so i decided to give it a kickstart.
I knew these people came from the stars… from the dust and to the dust. Since I couldn’t get off this stupid fuckin’ planet and away from stupid fucking people, I decided to build a monument to the mind of Christ, the philosopher, the poet, the dreamer. The man who knew what unconditional love means.
He knew that anything was possible if you believe it. A human being can do anything he wants to if he thinks he can. There are no limitations.
If you think there’s a planet out there with two suns, there is. If you think there’s such a thing as flying saucers, there is. If you think you can write a book, you can. If you think you can be an artist, you can. If you truly believe in God, you will find a way to contact him.”

Together, they’re forming the International Car Forest of the Last Church. It will be a place where artists are invited to come and find themselves.

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