Who’s Heard of Jeffrey Vallance?

Jeffrey Vallance
Image by rocor via Flickr

This artist has been a big inspiration to me. We’re actually friends on Facebook. I wrote to ask him for a quote one time and he sent back:

“Chad Sorg is the most kickass artist in LA right now!”

His line of creativity is hard to pigeon hole, but I can tell ya, one of his projects involved setting up an “office” and inviting people in to have consultations of some kind. It was complete with a deer head on the paneled wall. It was Texas.

A big thing about him that I like so much is that he doesn’t just make pictures or sculptures or even make a statement. His work borders on a kind of personal journalism. He goes to these places and puts himself in situations and then he writes about it. Each project is different but he puts a task in front of himself and does it, all the while, he writes about the experience.

There’s an ambiguity in what he’s doing because it’s not a straight forward cause that he’s for or against and people don’t know how to take his sincerity. It’s a kind of performance, yet, he’s just being himself… I think.

Often, his actions or happenings result in artifacts after the fact. He does drawings and makes objects, such as the plate seen above.

“You can describe the prank in one sentence. On 27 April 1978, Jeffrey Vallance persuaded a Los Angeles pet cemetery to bury a supermarket frozen chicken in a satin-lined coffin, claiming it was his pet, Blinky. Not a bad joke after all, but for Jeffrey Vallance that became a cornerstone for his carrier and general popularity.”

see full story here:


.. and here’s his Wiki page:



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