A Couple Videos of Explanation

I used to have the “Best job in the state.” I believed that. I was delivering art all over the state. This is how i came to meet Michael Mark with all his cars stuck in the ground. I made these videos years ago.

music is by Tori singing Leonard Cohen‘s song. the lyrics worked for me in this eerie video ..

i was already deep into the social medium and was making alot of these videos. i’m having technical difficulties with my Mac for another week or so, but soon i’ll be back on track making videos again; maybe sooner.

i made the next video at the Car Forest with Michael Mark. he’s been inviting me to come back and stay here for quite some time. he knows i’m an ambitious artist and marketer. people keep commenting on how happy i seem to be here. i’m happy. i love potential, that’s why i like empty buildings and new friends.

the music is Mark himself and then an acid jazz guy, John Zorn. this video features a few early cars i painted and you see the remains of the first box truck that held up the Mopar limo. Vandals blew it up! Now there’s a new truck in its place and the crumpled self portrait i did on the side of the first truck is still here. i might like to show it as a wall piece; talk about a conversations starter ..

OR roll over a few of these and see what they’re about..

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