Cars Develop with Bullet Holes

7,92mm Mauser Bullet, scaled

See the bulletholes? I truly don’t think a paintjob is done till it has a few bullet holes. What I learned here is not to shoot inside of a steel vehicle.. bring earplugs at least but the bullet hole out the side of the truck is really really nice.
I’ll have to do more of those.
We buried a white station wagon the other night. It’s really nice, really clean. We hung a chain from it. I’m thinking of painting the station wagon on the station wagon. I think someone online suggested this idea and so did Michael Mark. It’s in a very auspicious spot. It marks the road into the gulch where the cars are. I just figured out the word is gulch; that’s what I’ll use from now on. It’s not a valley, it’s a gulch. Anyway, this station wagon stands over the gulch.

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