It’s Easy To Daydream Here. HEY I Painted this Red Bull!

There’s always something to do. We’re on the same kinda’ timeframe, Mark & I, so we usually get started pretty late in the afternoon. Tonight I painted a bull on a Honda Civic and then we pulled a car and a truck into place with mother backhoe.

Yeah, it’s easy to daydream. My job has different facets, but I have an audience and I can’t let them down; I’ve gotta notice the beautiful bizarre here and relay that to my blog followers, lest they get bored with me and the car forest.

The sunset is always pretty breathtaking but tonight the sunset beyond the Joshua tree and refracting against the side of the shiny trailer house, I couldn’t shoot quick enough.

We got the cars dragged over and later Mark fell asleep on his computer; he does that.

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