Ned Paints Ants (pt.2 of 3) the SLIDESHOW!

Ned Peterson has art with great attitude. Airbrushed, the characters are uplifting because he knows that is what art does, it pulls us out of our slumber to notice something we like. Something that catches our notice-THAT’S IT!

It was hell with compressor/generators this week. We couldn’t get the power maker make it right for us; we couldn’t run the compressor. His paintings sessions were delayed and suspense built as we tried new things that just wouldn’t work. it was like we were doomed.

Finally this morning the decision was made to just pump up a couple of air tanks and he painted from them till they ran out of air and then refill and again. It was much quiter that way too and we had an enjoyable time out in the dust.

The 3 of us put our heads together to make it happen. Michael Mark is the mechanical mind, I was the driver, Ned painted ants.

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