“Working Out the Bugs” Ned Paints Ants (pt. 3) Goldfield Journal #14

Ned Peterson has a cartoon style and unabashedly plasticizes life in paint sprayed in wild colors and concepts. He came here to infest the car forest with ants and I’ll always hold that against him.

We lived thru hell, he and I, as we worked with Mark to get a compressor/generator combo that worked-and we failed. We ended up using a couple air tanks that had to be refilled every hour & a half and that worked. We gotta’ work out the bugs.

You’re seeing these ants as they develop. I have another batch of photos I can’t upload to you at the moment. I’ve run into a technical difficulty; these photos to come feature the finishing touches of Ned’s ants. I miss my macbook so much but it’s sick right now. I’m working out the bugs.

We drug a couch over, under my new shade structure. Mark had driven us out to his favorite shooting area and this shade thing was there. We brought it back to the car forest. I consumed my hours setting this thing up and working on perfecting it while Ned painted bugs.

The wind blew so it was a good test for my shade thing. It blew over the first night and I haven’t seen it, today, as I write this. I don’t mean it blew away, I just haven’t been out there. The couch is comfy. Working out the bugs.

It was nice for me to not concentrate on painting these 2 days that Ned was here. I want photos from this joint so it was good to concentrate on that. Over the 2 days, I took 500 pictures.

I got carried away with shade, photos and rocks, anyway, I was delighted. It wasn’t hell at all, it was one of those perfect day kinda’ feelings.

There’s a car that Adrianne painted here last weekend and this day I decided what I’d do to collaborate with her on it. I just didn’t feel like painting and I’d been getting into the habit of grabbing up bigger rocks. I just kept going and going. I needed the workout severely. I just kept thinking about beautiful change and imperfection.

The car is situated perfectly to accept the suns last rays each day. I’m curious to see how much the shadows will change throughout the year. There’s seating for 5. I’ve never had a sundial.

I think about Cadillac Ranch and the Easter Islands. This is a monument being created. I don’t care if anything is explained; it could go on forever.

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