This Is Not My Beautiful Trailer! Goldfield Journal #13

And you may find yourself painting on cars in the middle of the desert, while other artists are raking in cold hard currency, at least that’s what you spin in your head, peering into a hollow crevice of a wallet, thinking “What have I been doing with myself?”

That would be the rot of society asking you to speak for it. You trust yourself; you know what you’re doing.

After twenty years doing some thing, one thing, you become a master of it. I read that. 20 years. That’s the number they say. So after that then what is the term called super-master or something? There’s value in learning, we all know that and the only way to get that out of life is by doing.

It’s a slam dunk then. I just do something forever-simple. But what, exactly, am I doing?

For me, the answer has become simple, inspire creativity. Help one man with his vision and invite others to participate with theirs.

But what am I doing again? Have I come out here to make a point? Am I here to change things? Am I running from something? Am I here to be a better artist?

This is not my beautiful trailer!

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