“Junk Pickin’ & A Breakfast Asshole” Goldfield Journal #3

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All around us here are trailers and abandoned places. I just went pickin’. I rummaged through old trailers just this afternoon. I wonder about the past packed into these trailers and buses. They all have interesting histories, now parked to rot in the desert. Materials fall apart at different rates and that’s cool to see. These exhibits were not planned. People just come and go, especially in mining towns, and they always leave stuff behind.Nevadais boom-or-bust land, and this place exemplifies this notion perfectly.

In one crumbling camper, I found a white glass lamp and a florescent one too. Found in another camper, I salvaged a toy Uzi, 2 fuzzy glow-in-the dark posters, a very old Hot Wheels car and a stack of comic books. This parked camper has ‘Doctor To Go’ painted on the side with contact info. I also found some striated rock amongst dead cars, very distinct, very flat as if cut in cross sections.

OH.. I almost forgot, I snatched a QBert toy still in the package! The kid growing up in this trailer would be about my age today. It’s like you could date just when the trailer went into disuse. There was a much rottedBengaltiger with stuffing coming out from underneath. I did not see any moon boots.

There’s much to explore here. It’s amazing how piled up stuff gets in these old living areas. The sun and snow eat steel relatively slowly here. The fate of rubber and plastic ends sooner out here. Exposed stuff goes quickly, housed, shit goes slowly.

Just who are these people that go to the desert to rot alone? I suppose they’re people just like me. I always wonder if they’re broken or not. One guy was an intellectual, with sociology books and theory about human nature. He seemed to live in this tiny truckbed camper. It almost becomes a journey to get to know these vanished people a little better. I’ll be back.

Sun’s gone down.

I’m happy with Mark’s camera. The resolution is high enough for my needs here. Everything goes online, well, maybe not everything, but lots of stuff.

I was day dreaming about the merging of arts today. We paint what will be able to be seen online. Visible from tiny thumbnails is good. It’s a merger of arts because what is seen is in the common visual language, contemporary TV shows and online outlets. We look for styles that we’re familiar with.

Shooting these cars today, the sun was beating down in just such a way that I was able to get some nice reflections from chrome and glass. Dry bold light is powerful. Shadows were light even. I can’t wait to get these shots up and online.

I have to tell you more about my morning. It was breakfast at Dusty Fender’s Grill & Fill. He trusted me to come back to pay him. I posted about that online yesterday, but it was not as easy going as previously reported. After eating my breakfast, I ordered more food­-fried chicken for Mark. I sat outside on the bench.

Dusty came out & said “So what’s the deal?” I said I wanted to enjoy my coffee and wait for the chicken and I would come back and pay for it. I didn’t bring enough dough to pay him. He wanted it all back at the same time. He answered, “No, you cannot take the chicken before you pay.” I walked back to the compound and returned with his dinero so I could bring Mark’s chicken home with me.

I’m not happy with the guy’s attitude but who cares? the food is good.


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