“Somewhere Inflatable?” Goldfield Journal #16

Collect moments. Start doing it now if you haven’t been already. It’s easy for an artist to look back at himself from a certain time period. He’s left his record. It’s all right there in the paint dabs, pixels, syllables, video snippets. They’re mementos; past lives, past loves, future wishes.

My home is a rusty trailer with wood paneling and a wood stove. I have a battery boom box, a couple space heaters and I have this lazy boy. My patron saint is a gun crazy old man.

Fishbowling…… It’s a way of life that I’ve been exploring for 5 years. I stay in a new location and see how it affects my artwork. How do my surroundings mark my vision? It’s a kind of experiment on myself. Maybe art always is that. Sometimes this life is very social, some times it’s not.

Maybe I’ve always been a kind of wandering artist-I don’t even know why I said maybe. I’ve always felt well suited in that way because I could live anywhere. My art is the same; it’s all over the place. It can come from anywhere. Somewhere inflatable?

I’ve found myself existing in unusual environments, but then, what’s unusual? Haven’t you ever had a business or job you were devoted to? You basically lived there? Remember how much your life changed since the last place you lived? Has it?

There’s a big chain around the neck of a visual artist’s production and that chain is location. Real estate. We gotta have the right space to use our tools. Well that’s just it isn’t it? We create from our environment. I have found myself with no job and a perfect place to live on multiple occasions. Correction to last sentence: I have a job. My job is to reflect on my surroundings and accommodate my host somehow.

Waking up in a furniture store window is a real treat. Sunset Blvd. Buses would stop in front of my window every 15 minutes with that kind of quiet swishing stop. So quiet for so many people to be inside. They got out in front of my window, all day.

Drinking from the kegs of Pabst at 4am in a coffee shop/bar, long since closed for the night, that’s fun. I sang ‘nothin’s gonna change my world.’ Bar owner played recorded videos in front of the customers the next day. Living with a camera on myself at all times in a huge corporate office space?, midnight strip show with the lights off, waking to angry boyfriend messages the next day “I saw that video..”, sex in my cardboard box in the middle of an empty gallery? (No video). Something about living behind glass makes girls want to take your/their clothes off.

These are experiences to reflect upon.

But it’s the online connection that has nestled to the top during these stays. The non-physical. I read my crowd. It’s online that my world is conveyed. Where ever I’m at is home and this is the spot where I do my business and my personalizing-wherever I am.

So it’s something about  being everywhere and nowhere. I may have moved to the desert and talk to an average of  3 people per week, but my continued exercise is in connecting further out than my physical locality, and besides, I do get visitors.

We lead unique lives.


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