“Somewhere Inflatable? Part 2” Goldfield Journal #17

Radical ANYthing is good, and I’m thinking of radical non-possession. This art is not mine or his or yours. I’ve stolen everything I’ve ever done. It’s not mine.

We give it away, bloggers & graffiti artists. I’m inspired by tagging. Give something remarkable. Vandals will be a part whether I like it or not so why not like it? I just hope they’re a good artist.

In LA one time, I came across this place with a huge inflated plastic sculpture. I stopped by to inquire about fishbowling from inside of it.. woulda’ been nice.. somewhere inflatable.. I gotta’ call them..

I’m seeing in Red Yellow & Blue right now. I just came from the spray can and I’ve got spraypainter eyes on right now. I love when it tries to cross between arts or cross between senses. I’m seeing the world as a sprayed painting. Synesthesia of some kind: circle is red. I’ve been doing some drawing to excavate these renderings  from my head.

I’ve worked hard to make this my life, this mixing of colors, etc. Synesthesia. This shit has to matter to somebody and we are that somebody; people like us, reading this shit.

Do you look at your life and ask “does this really matter?” Well, that’s everybody. Everyone does that. Does it really matter that I’m doing this and not that? Who cares about it? Who’s my audience?

Who am I hurting by doing this? Who benefits from what I do? What am I destroying by working this angle?

What is Synesthesia?

Painting junk cars in the middle of the desert sits pretty well with me. And then I write about it. To write about what I’m seeing is one thing, maybe not the best fit, but to write about what I feel: that’s divine. We’re certainly hurting no one and we definitely know that what we’re doing doesn’t matter. We’re changing nothing but maybe that’s it, that’s the Holy Grail, to change nothing. To disturb nothing? That’s not easy to do. We have motivations that tell us we should be doing something.

A Buddhist saying goes like this: Don’t just do something, sit there.

But people will tell us it does matter. We’re bringing joy or inspiration to the world and those words do matter to me, but really.. what does it matter? We’re not insinuating ourselves into people’s daily lives, much, and we’re not changing anything beyond anyone else’s control. There’s no coercion in what we’re doing, but Goldfield will never be the same.

We’re burying cars in the ground and painting them. It’s a monument. Maybe it matters, not at all. I don’t care. There-I’m radical. Maybe I’ll get some sleep now.


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