I Love Having Visitors

It’s only four hours from Reno, 4 from Vegas. You’d think..

I’m just kidding, this place is in BFE. I know it’s far out here, but still, I’ve had visitors most weekends since I’ve been here. Jonathan Armen filmed out here with a couple actors and Ned Peterson came last weekend (I think it was) and painted ants on a white LTD. Lauren Hufft Gifford came and broght me a big paper mache head for one of the cars. It was made by a mutual friend, Rockette Bob. Some of his car creations have been laid here to rest in Goldfield, so we thought it appropriate.

This weekend ghost hunters are coming to Goldfield and will be paying me a visit. They’re coming to investigate the Goldfield Hotel-very haunted I’m told. Wish we could do a Holloween party there.

Adrianne came to visit for the weekend and Marie stopped by Saturday, driving back to Reno from Arizona. You just might notice from these pictures, it gets a little windy here. Marie was explaining the artwork on her cleavage. I forget the culuture but it’s about negative space in the design. I’ve also included the drawing of Ad that I finished while she was here. We sat by the fireplace and drew pictures.

I love having visitors, whatever planet or dimension they might be from.

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