“Method To The Madness, Part 1” Goldfield Journal #19

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus B...
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As I work on painting problems, it’s as if I’m doing applied physics. I practice experiments and make notes in the form of colored drawings or painted roughs. With age, I’ve been getting better about making plans beforehand.


When I came to Goldfield, I had been experiencing some problems with my knees. I don’t do yoga and I don’t stretch and I knew my latest project would probably help. These cars can be a stretch sometimes, high AND low, so my knees have since gotten a great limbering workout and I’ve noticed the improvement. We get out of alignment. We don’t use all the muscles enough. Last week, I did buy a book on Yoga though. One dollar.

I didn’t mean to talk about my ailments under the section called “age” but it really has been something to catch my attention. I’m making note of it. Maybe I should make some drawings of knees. I could paint a knee car. I could make it philosophical and call it “Knee Cheese Car”. Say it with me: knee cheese car.

Making artshows happen through the years, I’ve noticed graffiti kids always wanna paint the eye level areas of walls and surfaces. They don’t wanna have to get on a ladder to paint and I fully understand that. You’ll notice, most graffiti murals are ground level.

I’m conscious of these things. I notice these things like the tightness of my knees. I pay attention to things and make mental notes. If all goes well, my age teaches me some things and I learn, but I have to keep track of these things I learn somehow.

It’s the same with painting. There’s a lot of fear nestled in there in the moments between brush strokes. And if there’s one more obstacle for me to overcome, I won’t wanna climb the ladder again. I talk myself into it. I keep going; I have to. I don’t waste moments, deep down though, I have troubles with ‘have to’. I thought that would have gotten delt with better with age.


I just made a post on Facebook “spatial thinking”. Space has been on the mind. I got responses back about temporal thinking, which is the contrast, so instead of space, let’s go with Bill’s suggestion, let’s talk about time. Let’s talk about the temporal.

That reminds me, I need to plug in the alarm clock tonight; I’ve been waking up too late.

Working in a spatially developed art, namely painting, I’m not supposed to be involved with time, like how the literary artists are. But I am involved with it-who can avoid time?

As a painter, I have to schedule a painting. How long do I have to work on it? How much time can I afford to spend to make my point? How much space will it take to tell the story?

Bill says “Combining amazing art with powerful stories is uncommon…  Hieronymus Bosch is long dead.”



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