“Method To The Madness, Part 3” Goldfield Journal #21


There’s a tendency with me to act impulsively, to jump at the chance to do something new, when really, maybe doing something the same as I always do is the correct answer.

Trends develop in my work, almost unspeakable little things, not horrific, just can’t really talk about them. I can give it a try though I suppose.

Today, at one point, I used a spacefilling tool that comes natural to me. It comes naturally because these moves I’m talking about come up in my sketches all the time. It’s this freeform, be-bop kinda’ move. Instead of filling a space black or even cross hatched, I whip the paintbrush around more free and waverly. A shape comes out of it; a bend.

This move came up the other day as I was painting in black hatching and brushy strokes to render wings.

A realization hit: if you want black, end with it, if you don’t, start with it. This was the little phrase to remind me that the first layers of paint will be obscured the more layers I put on there. I’m working with black for outlines and this was a concern. Just when to lay the black down, first or last? I want the outlines, so I’m working on the black once the painting is nearly finished.

Space gets filled according to scale. Shading or hatching depending upon how far away you want the audience to see it from.

We have a lot of decisions to make when painting. Each moment gets affected by the previous moment, but we’re not telling a story, necessarily. We’re recreating an instance, a pictorial moment, but the moments that make up the painting session are a tale.

One layer goes down before another, and once again, there’s a lot of fear to get past.



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