A Thanksgiving Note

Stoke the fire, get it going hot and use lots of paper in the beginning.

Use tree bark as the second layer, once that’s getting nice & flamey in the woodstove. Keep putting paper on, but if you have some kind of cardboard at this point, it’s good to put it in now before the small chunks of real wood, under that wood. The wood gets all the flame on it for a long time as all this burns.

So I bought these books. Ad & I went to Vegas over the weekend, and there was a bookstore I always like to visit on West Charleston-going out of business! I wonder if there are any more bookstores like this in Vegas.. anyway, books were one & two dollars. I bought $20 worth and it was a great time to find these books of old masters. I can’t have enough of those on hand.

I hope the Tonapah bookstore doesn’t go under. Their books are that price all the time.

So a few of these books have the cardboard linerbox thingy. I always hate those; I take book jackets off too because, after all, books are more burden than they’re worth. Copies are so abundant there’s no value; why baby them?

I used these book boxes to get the fire raging this evening. It’s good cardboard. It just feels weird burning Titian and Rubens.

Thank you art history. Thank you publishing industry. Happy Thanksgiving; I’m making BBQ chicken for me & Michael Mark. He’s a parton of the arts and a good guy. I’m thankful.

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