NadaDada VEGAS, 2012 (updated photos of The Tod)

Nothing gets someone’s attention like “What’s the process involved in renting the whole motel for a weekend?” It’s an art show.

The manager, who’s name just happens to be Todd, answered my questions and we talked about dates and numbers of people and the public invited in to his motel. We talked about the nuts and bolts of what it would take to make this production happen.

It’s always a helpful tool to be able to mention New York Times. We’ll have artists showing there from across the country, possibly world. It’s a hostel too.

The Tod Motel is in the arts district of Las Vegas. The district is called 18b after the 18 city blocks, originally designated for this regentrifying neighborhood. City ofLas Vegashas an interesting challenge with its unique layout.

Downtown, Freemont street and its surrounding blocks are the city of Las Vegas. The Strip is actually the county and the two have competing attention gaining tricks to employ. Art always attracts a certain crowd, and the city has done well to make this rundown neighborhood, with cars commuting quickly through it, into a destination for art lovers and get the art occupants have gotten some Vegas visitors to land there.

The Tod Motel is at the south end of this area, 18b, and there’s much interest, already being made vocal, to make NadaDada happen right there. Artists, galleries and motel owners are already telling me they’re in. It’s the only thing that’s not a gamble in Las Vegas.

I’ll keep you posted; subscribe to this blog. Please don’t hesitate to send me a line on Facebook or email me at

First Friday is May 4th, so it looks like NadaDada Vegas, 2012 will be that weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

Stay tuned!

thanks for the image of the Tod.

Tod Motor Motel, Las Vegas, NV

and more images, from Robby Virus, of the Tod here:

Some shots I took there the other day..

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located here:


17 thoughts on “NadaDada VEGAS, 2012 (updated photos of The Tod)

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  1. I participated in Nada Dada for 3 years and had a blast. I live in Vegas now and would LOVE to see Nada Dada here. Let me know how I can help!
    Teresa ‘Button’

  2. Some days ago I had a discussion about “supporting the arts” Some people here really think they are supporting the arts, when they buy a picture or pay for a concert ticket. TWO things are WRONG here: one is by far not supporting the arts if one pays a price for an art-product. AND people seem not to get, that art is a COMMUNICATION- MEDIUM transmitting ideas to open or change the minds of the recipient ! ! ! With this I’M SUPPORTING THE ARTS THING one must not involve, think or feel – one can pad the own shoulder without.

    The Arts are supporting us!
    Without the artists and the arts, Las Vegas would always stay, what it is: A SUBURB WITHOUT A CITY!!!

    Joerg Lemke, Las Vegas

    1. Thanks Joerg (and the rest of you too!)
      Vegas is into this and we all know what we gotta do. It’s a great way to break from the usual. NadaDada becomes this great party where tons of people meet eachother and artists end up building collaborative relationships with other artists. Spread the word please! Send anyone my way, who’s curious,

  3. I think I may be going to Saguaro Man (Regional Burningman Event) that weekend.. If for some reason I don’t go, I will definitely support the Tod!.. I will do everything I can to promote it on FB and in the Burner community here too.. let me know if there is anything I can do to help otherwise.

    1. that would be most excellent Teresa. I’m wanting to get down to Vegas early April to do a talk but I want a crowd. PROMOTE AWAY! Hope you’re well!

    1. did you email me? There’s someone I’m needing to respond to about the event and they might think I’m an asshole by now, which may be true, nonetheless..

  4. Yeah Sarah! Love you! You will love this event.. we will chat soon! – Teresa ‘button’

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