Notes from Goldfield Chamber’s Prez

[ed. note: previously printed in Tonapah Times-Bonanaza and Goldfield News]

We must do things a little differently in Goldfield. For instance, I like to relay an observation made that I never would have imagined. Upon becoming the President of the Chamber of Commerce in our town I was part of in-depth ponderings of exploitation of ghostly apparitions in such a supposedly established and formal entity as is the Chamber. I was astonished. We’re known here for our ghosts. This was a lesson to me; we work with what we’ve got!

This place is unique. We are a place where history lives. Also, we’re unincorporated, so there is an interesting sense of self initiated action here to make change happen.

2012 has begun to bring about some notable change for this town. Goldfield residents have been active in creating a community that now boasts wooden street signs on many blocks of town-yes, wooden. We have a radio station that has undergone program changes and gained a new street front location. There’s a newly constructed bar and antique shop awaiting their public openings. A new jewelry shop is facing its big day of ribbon cutting, as is a new gift shop-both new to Goldfield.

Many buildings have survived history and restoration allows them to live on. The town of Goldfield has an overall direction involving cultural tourism and preservation of our historical value. Attainment of these goals has not been easily handed to us. We’re doing it ourselves through conscientious effort. Banding together, folks from varied walks of life have been strengthening Goldfield’s sense of self. We all wear at least two hats.

In addition to Chamber President, I’m also an artist, event coordinator and radio DJ. Our Vice President, Dominic Pappalardo is also a County Commissioner, President of the Historical District and is involved in various civic organizations. Patty Huber-Beth also has a position with the Country road department. Lisa Thomas-Farnsworth instructs martial arts, drives a school bus and sells gifts. Meaghan Kelly sells gems, sits on the board of our non-profit radio station and creates jewelry.

It brings to mind the image of the small town barber/gun shop owner/mayor. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; we do what is needed here. We use what we got!

Goldfield’s Chamber is sending two representatives to Lake Tahoe for workshops and conferences in mid April. Arts at the Heart and Rural Roundup will orient our board members to the state’s opportunities in assisting us in the areas of cultural and historical tourism.

Connect Nevada is a statewide non profit endeavor with the goal of enlisting community involvement in establishing the best internet and cel phone connections possible in rural areas. Community members have recently started meeting with this group. For more info here’s their website:

Goldfield Days is our big event, the weekend of August 17th. Being a community so far from everything, Goldfield has the unique challenge of a place with way too few motel rooms. But we have plenty of camping! In light of this, the International Car Forest of the Last Church hosts a camp out that weekend with attendants invited from all over the country.

We’re not just re-living history, we’re building it. In the end, it’s just fun we’re all after. All of us.

More info, please contact me:


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