My Town’s Throwin’ a Party, Notes From Goldfield Chamber Prez #2

It all falls into place. Every building that becomes renovated and saved from the elements, we consider it a little win against the ghosts that live on here. Life after death. This town has it. Goldfield has changed drastically but it has had one hundred years to get used to that. We’ll never forget what it was. That’s why we’re here.

As quiet preservation gives us something to do, many visitors pass through. Tourists and commuters from Las Vegas to Reno and beyond drive through this quiet town but we have this one weekend that we throw a party for everyone. Goldfield Days is August 17th weekend and this year will be the best so far. We’re stopping them in their tracks this time.

Vendors are invited to participate, at very reasonable rates, alongside events, entertainment and relaxation. There’s a parade and we’re inviting hot rodders to inhabit our streets in the shade of crumbled historic giants. There’s a scavenger hunt across town, children’s games and entertainment. Ghost tours, the courthouse and firehouse are open to the public.

The photographic opportunities are incomparable.  We drive ATV’s down the streets. The skies are never less than dazzling (not to mention the stars). Everything looks better with an old building behind it. Camping space is endless. It feels like the edge of town no matter where you are here.

We’re preserving what it is that has been good here for a long time and that is a simple place. It’s a rare thing to be able to see a city that has become a scarcely populated town.

Everything has an order of how it needs to be accomplished and Goldfield has a pretty good handle of what to make of this town. We’re not re-living history, we’re making it. We’re preserving the peace.

Please contact me with any questions and if I don’t know, I can put you in the right direction.

President, Goldfield Chamber of Commerce

-Chad Sorg

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