Most Un-Touristy Destination in the Wild West

A new motto for Goldfield that I’m proposing: “Most Un-Touristy Destination in the Wild West”. Whaddaya’ think?

Attending the Rural Roundup conference, in April, I saw that the tourist industry is much more robust in Nevada towns other than Goldfield. Maybe this is one of our strengths, I thought. We certainly draw a unique kind of people to our town. Basically, tourism does not even exist as an industry in our historically rich little town.

Like an ancient Zen monk, I thought of impermanence, interdependence and interconnectedness. My duty is to promote commerce in a town of around 200 that has morphed from a city, once populated by 20,000. These Buddhist concepts are meaningful to consider. Change happens regardless.

In years past, there were fears that Goldfield would have no Goldfield Days. I can assure you that this year Goldfield will have its Days.

Can our town be proud of facts such as these? Can we connect with enough people to make this event a success? We’re many hours from the more populated ends of our great state. We only have 8 motel rooms available in town and, I’m told, they’re already booked for the weekend. How can we host enough people in Goldfield to make this event fulfilling for all?

Event planning takes vision, and my friends, nothing is impossible. “You have first to experience what you want to express.” -Vincent Van Gogh. I had a vision. We’d offer camping spots. I’ve always loved camping. I’d love to camp at an event such as this.

Goldfield Days is August 17th weekend. Festivities will include a bed race, food, beer and vendors, as well as the inaugural Independent Performer’s Showcase. Floats will parade down our main street. You can bid on items in the auction and tell a whopper in our liars contest. Family members will enjoy our children’s games and events, a poker walk, historic scavenger hunt, and the chili cookoff. Ghost tours will mystify you. Both our beautifully historic courthouse and firehouse will be open for tours. Enjoy the historic bus tour around town as well. The county of Esmeralda also conducts its enticing land auction that weekend so bring your checkbook.

We’ll probably get to see some gun fighters in action. Western wear is encouraged. Parties are always better when people dress up to play. We’re inviting the hot rodders and photographers to town. Personally, I’m hoping to see a workshop put on by the star gazers and we encourage self-guided tours of our back roads. The expansive local sights can be pretty dazzling. Bring dirt bikes and four wheelers! ULTRA-LITE RIDES! It’s affordable. You’ll find the runway (and pilot) at the Car Forest.

I’d like to invite you to camp out for this weekend event. The Car Forest is asking for a twenty-five dollar donation. Bring your tent, shade, grille, water, boots and flashlights. We have basically unlimited camping area available. You’ll even be able to stay in your RV if you like, with dirt road accessibility. The general store (and Goldfield Days festivities), downtown, are only a ten minute walk.

Please see International Car Forest of the Last Church on Facebook about camping, or email me:

But if you’re interested in participating as a vendor, performer, or in the parade, see Also, we’re looking for advertisers for our program that will eventually be distributed throughout the year and throughout the state. Don’t hesitate!

-President, Goldfield Chamber of Commerce,



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