Creating a Culture: End of the World Party (the FAR END)

I’d like to offer some ideals for how this party will go. I want to instill a mood. We need to affect a certain ‘culture’ here. It’s a vacation and it should be made into such. Do you need a vacation?

I think of the attention spans and collective ADD that we share, societally. We need to be entertained all the time? We need information fed to us? We need our text messages going at all times?

This is THE place to get away from all that. Trust me. Since moving to Goldfield, I’ve let a lot of frustration go. Granted, certain goals, I’ve been working toward my whole life and one of them is to identify just what it is that keeps us worried or discouraged. Maybe it’s convoluted thought, itself, that keeps us lost and running scared. Always something we need to be doing. Never a clear idea of where we are or where we’re going. Clarity.

Let’s make this party chill and pleasant. Let’s let it all go for a weekend. Let’s remember what true appreciation is and family joy. Bring your kids. Opt out of Burning Man-style drug induced haze. Gaze at the stars; observe nature. Enjoy the rapturous sunset. Appreciate the history of the city that used to stand here and the energy that was once exerted here. Imagine the past. Interact with people again. We’re all in the same boat and we all need to remember that FEAR is not necessary. Just be.

I call it the End of the World Party because I want you to feel out on a ledge and at the FAR END. I want you to remember what’s beautiful in the world and get back to what’s real. Stop wasting time worrying. Let’s enjoy. Let’s embrace. Let’s relax.

The irony is that you feel ‘away’ when you’re here but not disconnected. We’re at the edge of a tiny town that’s celebrating its own existence. Goldfield Days is the same weekend, August 17th.

Sleep amongst the car forest.

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