Bus on Fire

Bus on Fire

The International Car Forest of the Last Church sustained damage. The authorities didn’t need to be called, but showed up anyway. It seems the fire was seen from across town and the Volunteer Fire Department of Goldfield showed up any way.

The fire chief was reported to say “No problem, Chad, we’ll get it put out.”

It seems the villian in question who perpetrated such heinous perpetration on his own property was Saint MichaelMark himself.

The fire was allowed to go out by itself but GOD DAMN some great shots were taken that day!

See more details for the ‘End of the World Party (the FAR END)’ on Facebook (click photo for link up) or right here in upcoming on Fishbowler. Actually, it’ll take you to my upcoming exhibition of oils at TMCC, which includes an oil of this very photo.

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August 17th weekend, dry camping (glamping), 10 minute walk away from festivities going on concurrently at Goldfield Days.

Asking $25 donations per person camping, kids are free.

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