It’s Not The End of the World, Just Facebook

I’m quitting Facebook on August 17th this year. That’s the start of our End of the World Party (the FAR END). It seemed to be the perfect date for the end of my Facebook world. I just had this idea to quit FB last night and 3 hours later, I was decided.

My Facebook account has been deleted before. It was about 2 years previous, but that time it was not by choice. I had posted a porn picture (with naughty parts covered). I’m all about pushing boundaries some times. I took it too far; I had thought it was funny. It pissed someone off.

I had been up to about 1700 friends-same as right now. I got to ponder impermanence and reincarnation. I didn’t skip a beat; I resurrected. I jumped right back on the horse and resumed posting and friending up.

This time, I’m quitting by choice. You wanna’ know why?

In general, I can just say that Facebook creates paranoia for me. It makes me worry about things that really are not pertinent to my existence. There are a lot of things I have no power to change or influence. If Barrack Obama, George Bush and clan want to sell the United States to Israel, it does not matter what I or my friends think about it. The message has become painfully clear. I’ve gained perfect clarity. I’m appreciative that I see what I must do.

I’m going to keep myself alive and thriving, regardless of what the powerful of the world are doing. My friends are Capitalist, Socialist, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and all points in between. I will not choose a gang, only a locality.

This is not the only example of self-created paranoia I experience on this social medium. Predominately communicating and watching my associates and friends online can make for some overly reactive moments. No one expresses reality objectively online. We talk and we talk and we link up, and information truly is untrue. It’s not the truth we’re seeing from each other, it’s our projections.

Knowing all this, I see that a reference I made last night on Facebook perfectly advised me what to do: Amy Mann’s song from the soundtrack of Magnolia hit that one home for me, “Just Give in”.

This is not pessimism, this is wisdom. Ask a Zen master; ask a slave, he’ll tell ya’ the same. Give in.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not The End of the World, Just Facebook

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  1. Paranoia? Personality changes! Omg. You need to lay off & quit all the shit. Hasn’t anyone been warnin ya? This is not who u used to be. Not joking!

    1. Personality change. If my personality does NOT change, someone please call the authorities; something is WRONG with Sorg.

      Also, “quit the shit”.. so that would be what? My big heroin habit??

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