On the whole Facebook thing, two points from this morning I’d like to focus on..

Question posed: “Can I be naked at your End of the World Party?” I said sure, of course. I said there’d probably be kids there, just like at BurningMan. She said she assumed the culture at our party would be open and similar to that event’s and I agreed, “yes”.

Having delivered the news about my pending, personal Facebook “end of the world”, August 17th will be my last day. I’m asking for comments and watching their reactions.

One guy came to tell me he kind of likes how I stir shit up sometimes, but then a whole paragraph was devoted to deriding me for my attention getting posts: “look at me, LOOK AT ME everyone! Look what I did!” He was criticizing me for my “Look at me!” attitude.

I agreed with him. It is an unattractive way to present one’s self. I then went to his page and said goodbye (I’ve never met him personally, can’t really even remember ever talking to him online). He expressed his interest in not seeing me so I unfriended him. One last HEY LOOK AT ME! More of those to come.

Serendipity has brought these two thoughts to my attention on the same morning. I’m thankful for that.

Public nudity. Is it another way to gain attention, just like Facebooking? Is there a message behind the nipples and exposed pubic hair? Is this a plead for help or a statement about modesty? Are there values to be gained or rejected from this action?

As I monitor the traffic on my blog, I wonder, does anyone see that my quitting Facebook is just another one of my own ploys for attention?

Maybe I’ll get on stage and deliver a speech in the nude. I haven’t even mentioned “fishbowling”.

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5 thoughts on ““LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!”

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  1. I myself am looking at how much of a timesuck FB has become in my life. I have tried to cut back my time online to get other things done. I quit watching TV over 4 years ago because of the time wasted, now it is the computer that is the time waster for me. Living in DaBoonies the internet allows me to connect with my city friends, so I guess I need to balance my rural, and urban sides better.

  2. I got tired of trying to get peoples attention. I think I’m gonna be a bookworm again.

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