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I’m Addicted to Self Help Books

“Addicted,” I use facetiously here. ‘Self-help’ is what I like to fill my head with. I gotta’ fill my head with somethin’.

I was happy to hear from an interview of Jim Carrey that he, too, was addicted to Self Help books. It’s not that I particularly love Jim Carrey. It’s just that I love the fact that he makes a point to tell us. That says something about the genre and how helpful it can be. He wasn’t talking about “comedy theory” but “self-help”. His brand of comedy, I believe, he learned and developed; self-help, he studied.

More about me: I also love artist biographies & art theory, quantum physics (when I can understand it), Buddhism & eastern philosophy, but also new media or stuff related to theories of social networking. Art theory set the foundation for my interest in these fields. ‘Art’ often covers aspects of these.

There are 70 year olds that are in touch with who they are and seem to ‘get it’ regarding social dealings and the human drama. Some 30 year olds get it too. They can’t all be steeped in self-help, but I have to wonder about their interests in the world.

The Buddhists advise, “You wanna’ save the world, save yourself.”

Just like everyone else, I want to build a better world. I’m simply studying my trade.


One response to “I’m Addicted to Self Help Books

  1. calia386 08/04/2012 at 3:30 am

    If you love self help books, you have to check out ‘Peter McWilliams. He has several really good self-help books that helped me tremendously through my past bouts of Depression. Here’s a link to several of his books that are PDF online. They are full of Quotes and Inspiration Sayings.

    The first one is ‘Do It! Let’s Get Off Our Butts!,%20Peter%20-%20Do%20It%20-%20Lets%20Get%20Off%20Our%20Buts.pdf

    The second one is ‘You Can’t Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought’,%20Peter%20-%20You%20Can%27t%20Afford%20the%20Luxury%20of%20a%20Negative%20Thought.pdf

    The Third one is ‘Aint Nobody’s Business If You Do’

    and the big one I love the most is…’Life 101, Everything We Wished We Had learned About Life in School…But Didn’t!,%20Peter%20-%20Life%20101%20-%20Everything%20We%20Wish%20We%20Had%20Learned%20About%20Life%20in%20School%20But%20Didn%27t.pdf

    All of these books are in PDF format and can be saved to the Computer.

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