Interconnected Community

I imagine building this community of Goldfield into something collective and interconnected.

How would an accountant fit in? An office manager? A seamstress? A clinician? Electrician? Farmers, we need. Child care, we need. Welders, carpenters, mechanics we need. Gold miners should be here. How do we all fit into society?

And then artists?

Well, as an artist myself, most of my friends are artists and almost all of them have to be part time artists. Trying to make a living in this world, an issue most of us creatives have had to consider is the question of what is necessary in this world? Is ‘art’ necessary?

This from Wikipedia: “Traditionally, the arts are classified as seven although the list has been expanded to nine. These being Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Music, Poetry, Dance, Theater/Cinema, with the modern additions of Photography, and Comics.”

But necessary?

This town, at one time, boasted all these services. The traditional ones anyway. 20,000 people lived here back then and Photography was brand new and sought after. It was needed. Cartoonists too.

Right now I could walk over to the dilapidated building that once served the theatrical community. A recent storm punched a hole in its brick wall. We need to get on that, actually.

There, I just wrote a quick email to my friend, a County Commissioner about it and I told him I’d like to help patch that hole if I can.

And I guess that’s how it works.. artists fill two sets of shoes, “culturalists” and technicians. Somebody’s gotta’ patch holes and change carburetors and organize events; nobody HAS to put on plays, do they?

But they do if they can.

Science has a distinction between the ‘theoretical’ and the ‘applied’ sciences. Maybe life should have those two classifications as well. There’s thinking and then there’s doing.

I think I’ll start organizing a barter market soon. I dream of a farmer coming to look at an artist’s paintings and saying “ I can do alot of things but I can’t paint like that. I’ll give you 3 bushels of corn and 12 dozen eggs for that oil painting.”

“Make it 4 bushels and you gotcher self a deal.”


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  1. I used to run an Inhome Childcare in California and at some point, I plan on doing one again as I have most all the necessary equipment. A place like Goldfield would be nice, but when I visited last year it didn’t seem like there was a need for Childcare in the town. It would be great to somehow get a Grant to open a Childcare in town if the need is great there. I have a Degree in Early Childhood and would love to see a Childcare Center grow in places where it needs it most, but I would definitely need help with funding to get one going. If you know where you can get help with something like that, that would be great.

      1. I would need a Grant because I don’t have the funds offhand to have the Fire Department okay the building I would do Childcare in. You need Funding for Play Equipment, Furniture and other various items to get a Childcare Center up and running. But, it doesn’t sound like there is much of a need for that right there now anyway. Earlier, it had sounded like it was something your town needed, but if there are very few Children there, then it probably wouldn’t be worth starting a Childcare there anytime soon.

    1. There’s another interesting fact about Goldfield, we have no building code. We’re not an incorporated city. The county is all we have. You mention the Fire Department.. I can pretty much speak for Willy (Fire Chief here), you’re approved. Yeah, things are pretty laid back.

      The amount of kids here.. I don’t know that number. You may wanna’ call the Esmeralda School District. Very nice people. The Superintendent of the county is Gary. He’ll talk to you about that if you like.

      Yes, we need services. Your spouse have specialties as well?

  2. Also, Wayne is very interested in getting a Theater Group going but also lacks the funds to start one. He has years of experience in Theater and has always dreamed of opening up one.

    1. In simple terms: theater makes money ONLY in a populated city. Even in Reno, it’s mostly unheard of.

      Not that it would not be able to happen, but money and art are feisty cousins.

  3. Might I suggest a pet friendly hotel, This would help pull in people passing through. You might even have one with a barn to accomodate horses and other livestock.

  4. I should look into it since Goldfield is in need of growth, there must be some kind of help with that. I should look into the Chamber of Commerce or some other place there for more info.

    1. ha.. um, I’m the Prez of the Chamber here. No, we have zero dollars. We’re all volunteer, in fact. You want a grant, maybe some kind of Nevada Economic Development group.

      I know Tourism Department would not do something like this. To give you an idea of the current situation, the Kindergarten class, this year has 5 in it.

      Not many kids. I know I’m the one that brought it up, but these ideas are down the road.

      Every one of us has the same problem: no funding.

      I’d like to keep talking. I don’t mean to be discouraging and there’s no place for discouragement. I’m trying to find the answer to this puzzle.

      How do we do what we want and also survive. A place like this has a certain advantage, and that is: you won’t have to spend much dinero here.

      If we have farmers to start with, we go from there, I’d say.

      We’ll keep thinkin’ about this.

      If anyone would like to email me, please, please do. We can talk a bit more privately if that’s what you’d prefer.

    2. I’m TERRIBLY interested in continuing our talk Calia.
      Would you have interest in home schooling? I don’t know much about child care and school districts, etc, but I’d be fully committed to looking into it with you.

      We have a big mine moving in, according to everyone. Those guys will have kids. Our school is under-kidded.. hahah.. not sure how else to say that.. um, but child care, I would think, would be something needed. It’s a village, so the kids are taken care of by stay at home moms & stuff, but things could change drastically, quickly.

      I’m thinking in terms of alot of barter goin’ on. I can tell you, trailers are cheap to purchase, and a plot of land can be gotten for a grand here. Water treatment is state of the art.

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