We Like Faces

It just clearly popped into my head today as I was being helped by people that are helpful to me… These are my neighbors. This is the correct way.

That’s not a problem; that’s not a motive; that’s the way it is. That is every town, everywhere.

We are all individuals, no matter where we live. We all have things we need to do and we all need the help. It’s finding out someone’s desire that is the first step. Second, you tell them what you’d like. What do you want? Here’s what I want, let’s talk.

This is not business, this is conversation. We SHOULD talk about what we want.

It’s an elementary point to make, but let me ask this, how many business owners have you seen that do not understand this? We barter, we make deals, we come to an agreement.

What do they want? What can I give them? It’s a process.

And THAT, I think, is “the problem with this country”. People are not able to see what it is the other person wants. Often times, we don’t get a face to talk to. How could we actually know how to give if we don’t know who it is we’re giving to?

Small towns orbit in a different circumference. All we have are faces to talk to. We’re used to faces. We like faces.



3 thoughts on “We Like Faces

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  1. The first thing a newborn sees, once it opens its eyes, is usually a face. Newborns can identify faces, crying when they are offered one they haven’t seen before, but the first face is not one that causes tears.

  2. Very well written. I would love to be a part of a small town. My favorite television show is ‘Andy Griffith’ of Mayberry because he knew everyone in town. He could sit on his porch and say hello to passerby’s. Everyone would talk to one another and knew each other by name. There would be get-togethers in the local park, kids would play, there would be no fighting, no stress. Those were the good ol’ fictional days though I am sure small towns in the day were really like that and some are even today. A sense of Community, real Community, that’s worth fighting for.

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