“Are You Off Your Rocker?”

I remember, fairly recently, talking to this one guy. He has good intentions. I see that. But concerning the world & all that, he believes that all we need is exposure to more information. He was referring to big business and government and all that stuff going on behind closed doors. “We just need more information,” he said.

I fully disagree. I completely disagree. The information we all need is there in front of us. We got it. We’re all aware of what the world is becoming and who is in charge-if only by knowing it’s not us. We’re not in charge of this world. We know how things need to be but our governors are not moving us in the correct direction.

I’m leaving Facebook at the end of the week. We’re having this amazing party here at the CarForest that weekend (August 17th, 2012) and it’s called the End of the World Party (the Far End). I thought it a fitting day to end my Effbook world so that’s what I’m doing.

AFTER the End of the World, I’ll be easy to reach by email: bigfishbowler@gmail.com. Drop me a line right now, then you’ll be on my list. But I really can’t wait till my primary online outlet is my blog. I’ll be philosophizing/pontificating and reflecting there more deeply now. Promoting/Self promoting? yeah that will continue to be my outlet for that. I need to sell Tshirts and paintings and stuff for income.

People want to know if I’m off my rocker for leaving Effbook. I can’t answer that. It’s all perspective.

I want to get back to mine.

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