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Throughout rural Nevada, there are little oases of art worth visiting

We’ll be burning another one for the party, btw.

From Reno News & Review‘s
State of the arts 

“If we bury two more cars, we’ll have 40,” Chad Sorg announces proudly. The former Renoite is now president of the chamber of commerce in Goldfield, another former mining boomtown. He’s talking about the car forest, an art installation where he’s been helping long-time Goldfielder Mark Rippee plant cars nose-down in the ground.

The site, officially known as the International Car Forest of the Last Church, will be the grounds for Sorg’s End of the World Party, a homegrown music and art festival scheduled to coincide with the town’s annual Goldfield Days celebration. The lineup is still being finagled. The car forest is ungated and open to visitors year-round. Tickets to the End of the World Party, Aug. 18-19, are $25, which includes camping. To purchase, call the Goldfield Gift Shop, (775) 485-3700.

For more info about Goldfield Days:

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9 responses to “Throughout rural Nevada, there are little oases of art worth visiting

  1. Erik Holland 08/16/2012 at 2:17 pm

    oh damn you anyway….signing in

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