Correspondence from the Far End of the World

Being apart from everyone, you become aware of all the things you don’t need. Actually, it’s more that you become oblivious to all that you’re “missing”. You start to remember what you had thought you needed, and now that you’re away from that world, you have what you need anyway.


Some believe that this world should unify to become one. It would be an easier world to manage if we were one world. But I believe we should manage ourselves. I believe that no group should dominate and no group should evaporate. There will be differences but there is room for all of us.

The Earth is the Earth and the world is the world. The Earth IS one regardless of the actions of the world. The Earth IS unified and every action is connected with every other action on this Earth.

The world, though, is made of many cultures. It is many worlds within this world.

I’m ready to get back to my world, which is right in front of me. Less pixels, more atoms. My desire is to become more in harmony with my immediate world, consequently, more in harmony with the Earth.

I’m glad to be able to disconnect a bit.


This blog will continue to be connected to Facebook thru fanpages: @Fishbowler, @International Car Forest of the Last Church, @NadaDada Motel, @AYBAB2u and the event page for our big @End of the World Party (the FAR END!!), which starts tonight.

Curious about my world of Goldfield? Fan up with @Radio Goldfield KGFN for live streaming (my show, Audio Sorgfield, airs 8pm Friday nights, Pacific Time), and keep an eye on @Goldfield Chamber. My email is I love correspondence.

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