The Goldfield Illuminati

The Goldfield Illuminati­-I have a name for them now. They’re the ones lurking in the crevices watching everything that happens, anonymously adding to our town’s pile of complaints. They spin rumors and work to make every active citizen of this town feel ganged up upon and unwanted.

This Goldfield Illuminati does not take any action, itself, because action may lead to progress and progress might get the caves that they live in paved over. This group exists only to halt action. It exists to grasp at any form of progress because, ya see, this group has power behind it. Power that does not want its power to be watered down or dispersed amongst newcomers.

But the Goldfield Illuminati has a flaw: it is not unified; it is not a group with a clear directive. There is no plan. There is only vague criticism.

As the President of the Goldfield Chamber of Commerce, I officially represent this town. I’m an artist. I’m a little bit off my rocker and this must irk the Goldfield Illuminati to no end! I’m not your standard boardroom push-over kinda’ guy. I’m not business-as-usual. I piss people off. I’m genuine.

I’m the leader of a board that is committed to both change AND progress. As a volunteer group, we do not focus on what we’re not getting from the members of our town. That is discussed enough already. Our board is focusing on the people who ARE doing something for the benefit of this town.

New and developing businesses are bringing renewed life to our main street here. We’re developing creative ways to generate funds to preserve historic buildings in town. We are working to attract industry and entertainment to this little town. Our radio station is full of heart and growing in its broadcasting power. We are determined to make this town a handsome destination. And finally, we’re determined to attack the specific questions that Goldfield needs to face: Who, exactly, are we trying to attract? How do we get travelers to stop here?

Tonopah has about 150 motel rooms; we have 8. This is the way Goldfield will gauge its progress. The demand for motel rooms and campsites here will show us how well we’re doing with our mission. When people start needing places to stay here again, we’ll see that our efforts are working.

Well before moving here, I had heard that this is a town that does not want change. Sometimes that seems to be true but the challenge is that if we don’t adapt to a new kind of economy, the change that we’ll see here will be a withering death. I doubt that even the Goldfield Illuminati wants THAT kind of change.

Goldfield, if you have ideas, if you know what needs to be done to help the cause, please share those ideas with members of the Chamber of Commerce, the Historical Society or the Fireman’s Association. Hell, share your vision with anyone that wants to do something about it.

Our town actually has a strong base of volunteers making things happen. Are you doing your part? Become a leader. You don’t need my approval.


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  1. Today’s a new day, and the NEW word on the street happens to be: I AM the hero of (half of) Goldfield. A little divisiveness goes a long way.. It was just what this town needed to move forward. Stay tuned.

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