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Virtual Tour of the Car Forest and the town of Goldfield

As a network of artists, NadaDada is a yearly art-in-motels event (so far only) in Reno motels, but we’ve been featured in shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, as well as other cities. We’ve gotten some major publicity all over the world, including the New York Times. Next year will be our 7th year.

So far, including performers, over 300 artists have participated. Vincent came to participate in the Reno event, I think it was, 2 years ago.

Thank you sooooo much Vincent Cascio!

Thank you sooooo much Vincent Cascio!

It’s nice having talented friends…

Vincent Cascio is a fellow NadaDadan and friend of the Car Forest here
in Goldfield. He came for a visit last weekend and shared his passion
for photography with me over a couple beers.

I really really think we need a way to get him back down here to do a
more in depth feature of the business owners and sights of Goldfield.

DON’T MISS THIS! click the following link to watch. Click and drag to pan and zoom around!



9 responses to “Virtual Tour of the Car Forest and the town of Goldfield

  1. JD 08/30/2012 at 9:05 pm

    Nada Dada? Got the perfect artist for that show! Check out the “bath salts” version. Really funy! They were all good. But bath salts! Ha ha his face looked like zombie!

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