Goldfield Journal Number.. Whatever

It’s a nice feeling when you can represent no one but yourself.

That’s where I’m at. I represent just me, once again, Chad Sorg, artist, radio DJ, blogger, window cleaner. This post may make some currently-still-on-the-board-of-the-Chamber-members jealous.

I’m at the radio station and I’m drinking some beers on a Friday night. I’ve worked all day, I didn’t prepare an episode for tonight and planned on playing a re-run, so all is peachy. I get to just get a little drunk and blog.

My Dad was in town this past week and we went on some road trips together. We listened to Charlie Daniels. We had a stay in Death Valley and a couple days later, went through King’s Canyon and Yosemite and then Sequoia National parks. I can’t describe how cool my Dad is. You would just have to meet him to understand. He’s very agreeable and witty and interested in what you have to say.

He’s a people person.

So, yeah, our road trip was awesome, and a guy trip, and a bonding time, etcetera. I got to interview my Dad a couple nights ago and we talked about these same subjects. I also got to mention the Europeon women I encountered on our road trip -a few times..

I actually had some important shit to talk about about, again, I represent only Chad Sorg, and I got a couple friends to visit right now. I’ll probably drink another beer too.


4 thoughts on “Goldfield Journal Number.. Whatever

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  1. Chad, I listened to your program tonight and realized it was a repeat. Soooo, thats okay.

    Im glad you had such a great time with your dad. You really said some nice things about him. So you said you interviewed him. Where is that gonna air so I can listen?

    Ok, have a great evening and write when you can.

    Love, mom

    1. MOM!
      Yeah, it will air next week. I had alot more to say on this post but ran out of time, stuff to do, people to see.
      Anyhoo.. thnx for checkin in.

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