A Full Life Living Here… Letting Cats Out of Bags

English: Tex Rickard, American boxing promoter...
Tex Rickard, American boxing promoter and founder of the NHL’s New York Rangers.

Living here, there’s a certain sense of relaxation; maybe I’ve mentioned it: we’re all on Goldfield time here. It makes sense that country music, with its laid back style of verbalization, is popular in places like this. We just don’t give a fuck. We’re here because we’re independent, but here in Goldfield we’re working on our interdependence skills.

Having said that, there is no place like this: This IS Goldfield.

You do realize that I live in a small town that was once a very important city, right? There are plenty of books and links to describe, in detail for you, what this place once was, but let me say now,  it’s a new animal here at this point. We’re a tight knit community now.

Everywhere I look are familiar faces, whether I like that or not. I could paint them leery or friendly, my choice, but it’s a very small number of people living here in this remote, high desert town.

I was in the Goldfield Gift Shop today and saw an attractive female, a blond. She wore a blue tank top. I don’t even prefer blonds, but it was a rare event, in all honesty. Not to put anyone down; I’m just saying that seeing an attractive female that’s not taken (spoken for) is a rare event these days for me. Without the commuters that we’re all trying to turn into “tourists”, this place would suck, completely.. haha.. Fresh blood rolls through every minute of the day.

I’d like to get all Edward Abbey on you, wax on about the mustard sunset and the burnt umber rocks and venomous critters, but it’s not my focus to speak of th0se things. I’m more about people. I’m more about community. I’m more about what the Greeks termed ‘agora’, or market place. People, art, socializing, psyche.

There’s no reason to not let the cat out of the bag but my roommate, Zak, and I are considering opening a coffee shop/art gallery in the space beside said gift shop, between it and our radio station where I have a show, Radio Goldfield, http://www.KGFN.org, and across the street from the famous Goldfield Hotel (which was actually called ‘The Goldfield’ in its day, by the way.) It’s time to start wheeling and dealing with this building’s owner.

At this point, we’re thinking signage:

Joshua Tree
Coffee, Art, Books and Music
Goldfield, NV

 I’m probably gonna’ need an investor or two for our shop. (hint hint) Time to make some money now.

At this moment the Chamber of Commerce is having its meeting and I’m down the street typing on the radio station’s computer. I am happy to report, these days, I represent only myself. During my ‘rein’ we tripled membership; my job is done there.

More cats I might like to bring out of the bag are these:

Nevada Matters wants to interview me for their radio show on Fox News Radio about the current happenings in Goldfield and also there’s a cable TV network that’s interested in coming to our town, with my help. It seems someone, technologically adept is needed to make connection and I’m that guy. They really wanna’ film us burning a bus at the Car Forest. I can’t divulge more than that.

I’m interested in promoting a big boxing event in our town to commemorate the historically groundbreaking boxing match between Joe Gans and Oscar Nelson that happened here in 1906. Tex Rickard went on to found Madison Square Gardens, but before that, he promoted that match, here in Goldfield. Maybe in the future, someone will compare me and my co-conspirators to him and his. I recently interviewed, for my show, the president of Friends of Joe Gans and the author of a new book about that match, “The Longest Fight”.

The Car Forest gets visitors from all over the world every week. Our work seems to be done here. It’s an art installation and it will never be “finished”. It may be time to move on to other projects for me, though. Unfortunately the owner happens to be a prick and I’m interested in disassociating myself with him.

A friend of mine is promoting his event, a soap box derby competition for adults, and there’s a new BMX track in town for the kiddies. They have very big lights for night events. I can tell ya, the soap box derby guy’s name is James and I see that he’s never gonna’ stop workin’ it. His wife is president of the Firefighter’s Association, here, and between you and me, some cool things are in the works.

My friend, John Ekman, pres of the Historical Society, is employing me to paint an old train of theirs with the words The Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company. He’s one of the most intelligent Goldfielders I know; though another contender for that distinction would be a guy I helped to build a yurt with last weekend, Bill. Both divide their time between here and California cities.

Apparently there’s a big gold mine moving back into town. We’ll see how that turns out. Somebody from the community needs to get some serious money from their corporation, if this is true. I call it image laundering, and a multi-national like that needs to clean their appearance if they wanna cash in on this place where WE live. Dominic is a friend and our County Commissioner. My hope is that he understands how to play hard ball with these boardroom stiffs.

I went to the courthouse today to collect a couple applications for a couple job openings. I doubt I’ll pursue either job, really. One thing I’m sure of, though, is it’s time to make some money, here in my far away place.

Regarding all of this, you’ll just have to stay tuned. I’m gonna’ go grille some chicken breasts now for my roommate and his kid, Alison. She’s 5 and more adorable than you can imagine.


7 thoughts on “A Full Life Living Here… Letting Cats Out of Bags

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  1. “The owner happens to be a prick and I’m interested in disassociating myself with him.”
    What brung conclusion? Too little too late? Seems from here, others were already there. Did you ever consider their view point before you came to the same?

    That kinda seems like animosity. Is he a guy who helped you get where you are? You did all this stuff for his forest. Are you friends with everybody? Would you stand up for him if others were being unfair or making not-super-friendly-comments to him?

    I read this stuff. From a purely objective standpoint. I’m not interested in conversation or closeness nor am I here to poke fun. Just the occasional friendly small talk. Now and then I read and comment.

    It’s good to weed people out of your life that you are not really committed to, who are not really committed to your real well being. Did they really make you a better person? Did you make them a better person? No. Frees up everyone for more real things. You, them. No animosity this way. People find what really matters. I mean who do they pour their hearts out to? If it’s not you, it’s not real closeness. Enlightening. Good work man!

  2. I meant, you’re staying in Goldfiend right? I’m getting kind of edgy.. !!! Cause I’m a distant mild fan. Of that car forest. And thought it a good fit for you to stay there. I don’t want to see it crumble. Are you planning on staying?

    1. JD, I’m loving your questions/comments, etc. Appreciated!
      Yeah well, the guy, everyone’s perception of him was correct but I had to find out myself. I had thought it maybe quaint or sumthin that he fashions himself as some kind of outlaw, but I see that, um, well.. yeah.

      I’m staying here, definitely. The Car Forest is still a go and once animosity subsides things will continue to happen with it, I’m sure. Yeah, just need a block or two of distance, which here is like a whole nother neighborhood of town!

  3. “Everyone’s perception of him was correct but I had to find out myself. I had thought it maybe quaint or sumthin that he fashions himself as some kind of outlaw”
    Holy SHIT man! Do I fuckin’ know exactly what you’re talking about! Shit!

    I was involved in war crime before I became a rancher. Now I do what I please. I cut off 85% of people. Down the block is really far away? NO WAY I’d live that close to enemy lines. Send him a trojan.exe. Keep surveillance. Explosives. Turn his power off before you strike. K remember those things. Kidding. I keep the peace now. Let me know when you come up north man. Stop by the farm to meet my wife and I. k I want a goldfield postcard.

    My wife will be killing me for this time spent online. Honestly she is the reason I am here today when my life was headed in drastically wrong directions. Like headed for a crash course. Long story. Got to start investing time in her. Like I said, if it doesn’t make you better, get rid of it, this includes drunk bitches. Bye dude.

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