Jeeze. It feels like it’s been forever.

Anyway, this is a new little oil painting I’ve completed. The high school in town is, well, let’s just say I’ve fallen in love with the place. I think I may need to fishbowl there soon if they’ll let me.

It’s an 8×10 inch canvas. The first of a new series, in which I’m painting the historic buildings in town. I believe my next canvas will be the Tex Rickard house. At some point, I’ll be doing the world famous Goldfield (Hotel). Maybe the Cook Bank building and POSSIBLY the Sante Fe Saloon, as well as Dahlstrom’s Garage.
You like?

9 thoughts on “A NEW PAINTING!

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  1. Fuck yeah! How many students go there? I’d imagine it a small school. Of sorts.

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