Art Things I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been neglecting my art so I thought I should share with you some exciting developments in my art world. Living in this little town, it’s been of a more commercial bent. I have, however, been starting some new paintings on canvas and showing them at Lisa’s Goldfield Gift Shop. Here’s a sample of some stuff. Gimme your thoughts. Click on any image to see an enlarge version of it.

Zak and I have been doing odd jobs around town and here’s the flyer we use to promote that endeavor. I’m very proud of it, actually.

Mrs. Lubow is a sweet old lady in town we’ve been doing some work for. She had me paint the ceiling of her porch in Mexican colors. Not so much art, but my creative eye came in handy. Love that gal!

Here was one of those odd jobs: house painting. Mrs. Lubow had this whirligig for me to paint. She says it’s not a duck but I think it’s a duck. Here’s before, during and after. This was alot of fun.

The Historical Society owns this old train and my latest endeavor has been to paint the sides of it. Eventually it will say Goldfield Consolidated Mine Company. Here are some pics of it before and during day 1 and day 2. First grinding, then red/brown primer, next black, then lettering.. more to come.. I been workin’ on the railroad..

I’ve been researching like crazy about all things Goldfield, such as the Wobblies and the labor movement and also the Gans/Nelson fight. For an upcoming issue of Harbinger Asylum I’ll be illustrating the cover and writing an article about that notable labor movement event that happened in our city in 1907.

Seems ironic, but that train I’m painting.. it’s gonna’ say Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company, which is the mining empire that George Wingfield headed up and the very company that brought on the troops via President Teddy Roosevelt.

This is a rough sketch-just ideating.

Here’s a drawing of Joe Gans. I’m almost finished reading Bill Gildea’s book The Longest Fight and HOW EXCITING it was! Maybe some day I’ll write the screen play based on my friend Bill’s book.

Here’s the cover design I did for the newest upcoming edition of Harbinger Asylum.

While still president of the Chamber, I did this flyer for our event Beautify Goldfield where 17 volunteers offered their time to clean up the streets of our town-unprecedented local involvement. It was very successful and nice to end on a high note.

I did a street side sign for the Chamber of Commerce.

Not really art, but.. At the end of my tenure, the president of the Historical Society helped Zak and I move this printing press to the front of the Chamber building. OK, maybe it was more like we helped him and his forklift move it.

Here are a few thumbnails of a logo I’m working on for a new business out of Florida called Reel Down. A friend of mine from high school hired me for this job. Stay tuned for finalized design; I can’t wait to see it on Tshirts & such.

I’ve got some art hung in the Goldfield Giftshop. I created a sign for out front and Alison modeled a painting for me.

Here are a couple of the newest paintings I’ve completed. Prospector and Cig and one of The Goldfield High School.

I did a sign for the Car Forest, posted at the end of our street, Crystal Ave. south end of town, right on Highway 95. I’m a helluva sign painter, I must say.

This was a flyer I did that we put around town to try and get old vehicles to bury. Didn’t work. Oh well. Groovy flyer, though, I think.

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