Why I Could LITERALLY Not Care Less About The Outcome Of This Presidential Election

As a long-time member of the “art community” one could surmise, statistically –and quite safely–that I should be a Liberal. Unfortunately, by personal observation, I see that the average person has no idea what this label actually entails, other than a cornucopia of state funded programs and he equates a Conservative with some kind of racist in cahoots with the tyrannical oligarchy. Meanwhile all our jobs have been outsourced to countries full of brown people–by our white CEO’s!

Politics is an up-to-the-minute endeavor as much as art is, but it is more pointedly crucial in its cultural gravity. Standing behind either Barrack Obama, our first black/Arab(?) President ever, or his white capitalistic secular Mormon opponent, Mitt Romney, is only a choice of style. It’s only picking a color or fashion statement. One is spineless and the other is greedy. These are role models?

Don’t think these two (2!?!) choices could even remotely stand in for the variety of thought and belief that this country is made of. Black and white? Really? A polarized populous? How convenient (for them).

To think that choosing one of these candidates will reap, for the average American citizen (or illegal immigrant for that matter), needed change or benefit in some palpable way is simply a farcical dream. You’ve been boondoggled, hogswallowed, nimrodded and downtrodden. You’ve been played. You’ve been hornswallowed; You’re being deceived, you’ve been cheated and lied to and you’re looking south when the action is east.

This is theater.

We need only to look at the achievements of these terribly ordinary men to see that they are deplorably average. They posses attributes nothing close to what a leader should amount to. I know 5 unemployed people, 2 janitors and 3 convicts that would make more just, fair, honorable and worthy presidents than these two men would.

Look for balls. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to repeat it: These two presidential candidates are petty and ineffective puppets, they have no balls. There’s no uniqueness there and no desire to go against the grain. These two men are happy to play ball. They’re servants, not leaders, but they’re not even serving you!

I’m ashamed of my cable TV worshipping countrymen for allowing people like this to hold such high office in our country. The Presidential Election is just another televised show–entertainment. Fodder for your Yahoo home page.

Nationalized medicine? Immigration restriction? Gay rights? Abortion? Gun control? Give me a fuckin’ break: these are facades–smokescreens to make you think you are making a choice. These are issues that are safely divided, in other words, these things are not what really matters. Half of us like it this way, the other half, the other way, so don’t worry about it.

To understand how I could make such bold statements, I have three words for you to look up: Israeli Aid, Neo-Conservative, Globalization.

You care about the environmental collapse? You wonder what ever happened to the electric car? You believe that there’s something more to life than lowered taxes? And still, you’re going to choose one of these two Vaudeville figures? 

Go ahead, vote for whomever you like, it’s almost as important as Coke or Pepsi.

The movement needs to be focused on 3rd party election rights, the opaque actions of the Federal Reserve and massive governmental bureaucracy, public transporation/alternative fuel and power, states rights over federal domination, end of globalized imperialism–THESE are localized functions of this economy and this society. Action toward these aims will rid us of the insidious hold that the untouchable international corporate amalgamations hold over the working class and our feckless elected officials.

There will always be the 1%. It’s how ballsy the 99% are that matters. We must be willing to sacrifice. We must be willing to break it all apart into manageable pieces because the controllers of all this don’t even see us any more.

7 thoughts on “Why I Could LITERALLY Not Care Less About The Outcome Of This Presidential Election

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  1. ….Right ON !! The” Power to the People” movement must begin again,down with the Establishment,and the Status-quo, like back when I was getting out of high school,in the 60’s and 70’s ,resisting the Establishment, Be careful ,they fed us drugs, and wrecked the movement ,a little at a time.The status-quo establishment does not like change…Power to the 99%……..

  2. I had this dream last night, that we had these machines, kind of like radios, kind of like internet computers. But we USED THEM, ourselves, for news. Each home had one inside it and it was not TOUCHED by the fucking government. NOT Fox news, not corporate owned, but by technology, all the people in the world had the power, right between them, to figure everything out. Almost like telegraphically. Broadcast between them. I say. Time. Mass mutiny. It represents freedom of speech.

  3. Righty stated Sorg… I can’t add any more to this well-written and succinct post… I didn’t vote either, and I don’t care… Boycott the bums works better than wasting a day on a voting line.

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