Boots-important. Don’t underestimate your footwear.

Last night Zak and I watched Bullitt. It’s Steve McQueen and he’s a simple pleasure-like boots.

Take care of your feet. Be simple, be centered, don’t think too much about it, just go for it.

What feels good?


6 thoughts on “Boots-important. Don’t underestimate your footwear.

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  1. …Bulitt was huge when I was growing up,special effects were number one for the first chase movie,of it’s time, we were out of our heads,with the sound effects,and visual”s , looking back now….cooooorny

  2. Fuck the feet. My massuese takin care of mine. Burts bees. Better feet than before. Much better care lately. Ever interrogated someone before? I never understood that bullshit… until today.
    Do you have Doc Martens dude?

      1. Vodka. At least for decades I drowned shit out that way. No longer. new set of coping skills. Very fun funner. bold. Appreciate the vodka thought . buyin doc martens soon. not one single worry about *MY* deal. telegraphic

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