It’s not like I have nothing to talk about; more like TOO MUCH to talk about.

Jobs I’m workin’ on are all just perfectly.. um, perfect. I’m workin’ on a train.. lettering, working on a couple logos, sold a painting or two.. tore down an old cabin the past few days; we’re saving the barn wood, because it’s beautiful and it will be re-cut and applied to the side of a house for the “Goldfield look”.

Let’s see, radio has been treating me well. I’m so proud of Episode #22 of Audio Sorgfield (last post) and it seems as though it’s leading to more interview work that will be broadcast abroad.

I think the word ‘abroad’ is funny.

Publicity stuff goin’ on (from my end). I’m promoting this little town and I’m not sure anyone cares.

MAYBE THIS is what I should be talking about to make a point.

My show has been called “The Weird Show” twice in the last week, so yeah, I’ll go with that…

Audio Sorgfield, Episode #23, 8pm, Friday night on, stream it then, live.

Goldfield is weird.


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