I make art in strange places and blog about it.

I’m a Graphic Designer. Check it Out!

Been working on a couple design jobs, one involves a train, the other involves fishing. It reminded me that I should be showing you some of my past work. Here’s a folder of designs I’ve done for past jobs, as well as for myself as practice.
I’ve worked for ad departments, ad agencies, a tech company designing a 3D game, distribution company doing movie covers and LOTS of other cool places. I’ve been doing freelance forever and love it that way.

Click on the following image to go to the folder of design images. On that site (Picasa) there are also tons of photos of my fine art and illustration, as well as landscape photos and my life. Enjoy.

As always, please don’t forget I’m for hire. CONTACT ME!

Sorg Design



2 responses to “I’m a Graphic Designer. Check it Out!

  1. Woody Barlettani 11/19/2012 at 5:22 pm

    …. WOW ! You’ve come along way,must be from the lack of distractions in Goldfield,and the lower overhead….

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