Wood Is Important

The historic Gans/Nelson fight in ’06 here-it was a stadium to seat over 7000 people, constructed on the spot of wood, and it was erected temporarily-quickly dismantled and shipped off, by rail, for the next fight in another town.

The only trees to speak of here in town are Joshua Trees, which are not really wood-wood. There was one mention, in an old article from the early days, just after the first people started to populate this place; they said before anyone was here it was a “forest”. That was back before they tried to call the mining district Granpah, when it was simply called Rabbit Spring.

It remains this quizzical mention that people still ponder. Was the writer suggesting that there were real trees here or a grove of Joshua trees or what? And was it ‘full’ of trees? Back then they could cut those cacti down with no legal consequences. I’d love to see more of those “trees” here. They’re coming back. An old gal told me they’ve, just recently, started growing more heartily, around here, in the past decade.

I’ll have to do an upcoming post, just on these strange life forms. Ya’ know, 10 miles north of here and 10 miles to the south, they abruptly stop and that’s always made me ponder nature’s deeper game plans.

Shacks here have come and gone. Fires, floods, yeah, but simply stolen for firewood as well. There are stories of the old days when telephone poles would disappear, and living here, I’m not surprised. As you can see from my photos here, they’re sometimes simply left to deteriorate on their own. It’s a shame. I wish we could gather these old shacks and rebuild them along the main drag for tourists to marvel at.

Wood is important.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Zak and I dismantled a shack with an outhouse the other day for someone and most of the wood will be used to reside her old house, but leftovers, we’re already chopping up with a borrowed chainsaw for our woodburner. It can get pretty cold and it takes a lot of energy to keep the heat up. Wood is energy.

Yesterday I got to tool around Goldfield and shoot some shacks. It was pretty cloudy-just before sunset-but I was interested in capturing the town as it is, not as a magazine would like to depict it. It’s a town that has wanted to die out but people have never completely let that happen.

The few brick buildings that remain will never go away.. and then there’s that corrugated steel that just rusts for a couple hundred years.

I call it the “Goldfield Look” and I’m interested in reviving the look and making “a thing” of it. Robert Rauschenberg would be lovin’ it. Architectural Digest, are you listening?


7 thoughts on “Wood Is Important

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  1. Wow, that is the best slide show. All that cool old weathered wood, wild terrain, rusty things and ominous clouds. Your killing me! What is it about a dilapidated house that makes me want to move into it! I think I had the best sound track playing on my computer while watching the pictures change from one earthy spirit to another. Looking at those pictures brings back memories of driving across the country from east to west and how amazed I was when we hit the west and the sky dropped down on me and my lungs felt like they had truly expanded for the first time.

  2. Yeah Samantha, I second! this one was entertaining! Like looking at a great one’s painting. I went through this and found lots of phallic references. This was RIPE. DRIPPING! Think I found about ten total references, kind of like a “where is waldo” but way fucking better. I hpoe this guy keeps writing this way!!!

      1. The starved, hungry, see food everywhere, always thinking about food. Strays scratching at the door….

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