Episode Roger and Episode Life


What to do if you’re weird..

First of all, you have to accept it: you’re weird. Whatever the mood was that conjured up this perception, you have to then accept that: I’m lonely, I’m scared, I made a mistake, I’m just different.

At this point it would be good for you to be an artist of some kind. Work with whatcha’ got, or even if not, and just make something. Even if it’s a shelf that’s a strange angle, make that-OR-clean the dishes if that’s a weird thing for you to be doing at this moment. If the wind is blowing, devise some kind of windblock out of big sheets of stuff you may have in the yard, such as a car hood or hollow panel doors, and stand them up in a strategic windblock spot.

I was thinking of this kind of talk in order to possibly relate to you, my reader, but then I started thinking, life is stranger than fiction; I will continue just talking about my real life and hopefully that will entertain you. It wasn’t that windy for me today.

I come in each week to the radio station, here, dark, lights on so the street traffic can see me. I create these shows for my small community and maybe that’s the kind of environment that’s needed to immerse oneself with what it is to write a song. What does it take for them to give it flavor but make it mean something?

I’m writing a song. Zak has this real folksy riff that I’m working with. I haven’t gotten back to him yet with my lyrics, really. We’ll have to work on the song and put it all together & make it fit pretty. I’ve written a BUNCH of words for it. Some rhyme, sometimes they don’t. There’s a certain carefree feel to the riff and I’m happy about that. I want the message to feel happy or at least melancholic like ‘it’s alright’. I think I’m calling it “End of the World”, so that could be ironic.

The Roger Episode..a.k.a. Episode Roger. It’s an entire episode of Roger Whittaker and Roger Miller. Now before you poo poo it and think, um, whatever you might think about that, I’m requesting you listen. It’s on tonight (Friday, Pacific time) 11pm.. http://www.KGFN.org

The Rogers, though, they both have their unique voice to give daily life an artistic twist. Whittaker was born with an authoritative voice and Miller, well, he’s a smartass, but he’s able to join the low balls with the high brows.

It’s in the way that you do it, right? The WAY that you put your song together. It’s the way that the chords go together and how they end up feeling. The message is not always in the subject matter, per se. Sometimes, it’s the raw abstractness of it all. To abstract (verb) from life and from time, monotonous or glorious.

But we all have different worlds to move around in. We do it different.

Audio Sorgfield. For (pretty much) 25 continuous episodes I’ve been making radio episodes for KGFN, 89.1 FM. I want you to tune in tonight at 11 Pacific, OR I guess you’ll just have to go to the station’s site and look at the schedule page. Easiest to just go to the bottom to see what times throughout the week I’m on. http://www.KGFN.org

& fer godssakes, please comment.


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  1. I enjoyed this post – makes me think of the struggle between the dissonance between one’s inner life and one’s packaged presentation to the world too- see attached. I was surprised when I met you because even though I understood that what you’re doing online is partly performance, I still expected the shirtless guy with the jug of wine and the shotgun.

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