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What To Do If You’re Weird, Part 2

DSC05413I’m thinking about how I’m painting instead of what. Like, of poetry, an interesting definition has been said of  poetry, that it is only lines of words ending unevenly per stanza or paragraph.

Well that just takes the sex right out of it. & like the film student and you wonder of his line of study, doesn’t it take the magic out of it?

I’m thinking about how I’m painting & all I’m doing are tricks. It’s not magic, it’s illusion. i motivate your eyes and I deceive your senses. I’m a manipulator.

And why? Because I can. It’s my line of work. I’m an artist. But who doesn’t work in tricks?

I was thinking about how I paint instead of what. How do I make you feel? How do I do it?

These are principles in arts like in drawing. Form, line, color, rhythm that make it similar to music with timing, but this is more with space or as Duchamp called it: ocular  but it’s still rhythm  We bend with these principles and let illusion take us up away from the day to day and that is what art is: a day trip.

My Studio Greenhouse 2My Studio Greenhouse

A Painting For My Cuz, Beginning

The patterns are everywhere and like a computer animated movie that stuns you for a second by its life-like-ness. Nature stuns you too with her art. It happens.




True Weirdo
Radio Station, KGFN, Always Under Construction, Terrible T and ZakRadio Station, KGFN, Clyde and AlisonRadio radioTerrible T KGFN Radio

A tree positioned just so where the hills dip as you pass by. The clouds part to shine heavenly spot light on this spot of earth that you neve4r stopped to look at before on your route.

Of that moment, you could use it as subject for interpretive dance, music-instrumental or lyrical, which brings me to prose & poetry. A sonnett? Spoken word or an essay? Theatrically or rendered with lighting-set design, or photographing it, then again there’s movement, so animated in photos, it’s filming.

It could become a painting or it could inspire a dish for dinner.

That moment in the sunlight where the hills dip to the tree; someone who works with paper or a dentist, a plumber? One could use this moment, consciously aware or not, to lighten an afternoon. Make fittings fit right-no leaks.

And this is why I’m here in Goldfield, to quiet the soul and to accept these moments and maybe transcribe them.

I’m more open then ever.


Included here images from KGFN and my painting studio that’s outside. It’s a bit too cold right now though..


Oh yeah, and that illustration for Harbinger Asylum. I wrote an article too. It’s about the labor strife here in Goldfield a hundred years ago.

Teddy Vs. Wobblies SketchSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


2 responses to “What To Do If You’re Weird, Part 2

  1. JD 12/04/2012 at 6:13 pm

    Weave the magic in,
    Let the trick deepen.
    in, around every line,
    spider weaves his web
    in anothers mind,
    Web internet, web-head.
    Nature has stunned me, gunned me.
    With a spider of brightest brilliant color
    and I, a fly, that likes to hover…..

  2. JD 12/04/2012 at 6:27 pm

    “It could become a painting or it could inspire a dish for dinner”

    The spider catches a winner
    that ends up in his dinner
    Well fed in the dead of winter

    Webs are more powerful than swatters
    As each moment builds, turns, burns hotter

    The plumber’s caulk & wrench
    Pipe leaks, dug up a trench
    Made the pipes air tight
    No signs of a fight
    No signs of struggle
    water through tunnel

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