Pseudo-Whining, If You’re Into That Sort of Thing

If you’re looking for images to peruse thru, look to the last post or the one before that. I’m kinda’ cranky at the moment and I’m not in the mood to appease you so I’ll just write here, with no pictures.

I don’t know if it’s the time of year or if i’m just feeling non-productive or because I’m lonely or what. I’m not one of those “oh i hate the holiday season” types, but I’m kinda’ blah these days… about a week or so. I told my roomate yesterday it’s been feeling like ‘Groundhog Day’ lately.

I’m reading this book about people like me, who the author considers “self-actualizing persons”. I’m the type who does not love comfort and money enough to sacrifice for it. I’m the type always exploring myself and my place in this world and I don’t have a career I’m pursuing the way most people do, and I consider my art my life. I am my art, and by that distinction, I can consider myself one of these “self-actualizing persons”. I still feel like something’s missing though.

But ya know, I feel like something. I feel special. I feel like a gift to the world, in a certain way, and I say it this way because you can view me as eccentric or self centered or whatever and I think that’s fine. It is invited.

I’ve always taken pride in this little fact about myself, but then again, I have moments of weakness where I’m looking at all the conveniences I could have if I were a money kinda’ guy, but I’m not, and here we are, back on my blog… making no money and exposing my own moment of self-pity.

It’s this way whether I live in the city and with a girlfriend or whether I’m living this way which is the opposite of that.

I dunno. I have to stop writing now, so I’ll just do that. Good day.

9 thoughts on “Pseudo-Whining, If You’re Into That Sort of Thing

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  1. …so that is what self-actualization means…I have always used this as an explanation for my self-actualization …” I go everywhere,I do everything,and I still have nothing”,just your basic “Drifterhotel tap dancing and Dynamiting Society ” pseudo-philosophy…

    1. ya know.. I’ve got SOOOO much more to write about.. in fact, over the weekend a couple VERY interesting subjects, I took a few hours to write 2 essays about them, but then I pussed out.

      I’m in a bit of a different mindset at the moment, as one of the people I was avoiding talking about on my blog anymore, well, I just found some more efforts of his to smear me.

      I try to grow, ya know? Like, not work from the ego.. right now I’m pissed and you wanna’ here more, Sam, so I’m actually considering writing about these things-damn the consequences. Not sure what I’ll decide to do.

      For now, probably just step away from this computer, go home and do some analog work involving an exacto knife.

      1. Cool! What is this exacto knife? What kind of medium or technique is this and what can I learn to do with one?

      2. “probably just step away from this computer, go home and do some analog work involving an exacto knife” —> Good self discipline, dude. Big swig pat on yer back!

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