Serving One Master

Cloud Joshuas

Serving one master, as suggested as being necessary in the Bible, is much more simple than we may have thought.

We may think, “Wow, there’s me and what I want/need, and then there’s my family and there’s my parents and my religious peers, and then there’s my job and my boss and the corporation that employs us both. There’s my community and there are my friends.”

“I’m being judged by all of them; how could I possibly serve them all?”

We can adhere to a particular sect of religion/philosophy or gang, or we may call our self an Atheist (Self God?). We may call our self spiritual but not religious. Outside of our own wishes, we may find ourselves labeled “new age”. Maybe Science is actually our God.

Apart from the commercial marketplace or our standings in the materialistic, Capitalist culture that we find our self, we may notice “This is not my beautiful house”…

Maybe these queries lead us to self-label from a Political standpoint: “I’m a Socialist at heart”, or “I’m an Anarcho-Capitalist”, “I believe in the democratic ideal: I’m a bureaucrat”.

From any of these (or other) perspectives then, the master is?.. drum roll please..

I’d like to offer a lil’ tid bit to you, dear reader: I’ve been to A.A. Most of my friends used to/do label themselves liberal, and this means, usually, that they’re more usually inclined to call themselves “Atheists” than “religious”. The usual comment from friends that I would keep is that A.A. focuses too much on God and that the organization is too Christian.

My friends, I still like to drink alcohol. I never intended to quit drinking, but I was required to attend these meetings, and after having said all that, I gotta’ tell ya’ “a higher power” or “arc of the universe” in nothing to reject or act rebellious toward.

To believe in “something bigger than yourself” is fully rational and totally useful. Humility is a virtue in life to strive toward.

Whatever you wanna’ call that, realize that we’re all in this together and the rise of “No God” or Atheism is the very root of this empty and pointless societal gloom that we’re experiencing right now.

What I like to say to Atheists is this: I don’t believe in Atheists. I would almost wager that every single person has perceived SOME kind of bigger system that we, ourselves, are a tiny part of.

If you believe that you are a simple cog in the wheel, then you are not an Atheist (by my own definition), you’re Agnostic.

Just give in, just believe that your actions are part of something worth while and see that your life is not a waste. Someone/something needs you.

To sort of blow your mind, or maybe just to tune you in a bit deeper, I’d like to mention a few things because, quite succinctly, I had, at one time, seen them as counter-intuitive philosophies:

1. There is a documentary movie called “Gay Republicans“; Yes, they exist!

2. The Unitarian Universalist Church accepts adherents of Witchcraft as well as Christians, Jews, “New Agers”, Buddhists, etc.

3. I don’t believe in Atheists (link above) is a book by an author, previously unbeknownst to me,that has another philosophy in common with me: War creates purpose.

4. Anarchy is NOT a synonym of Chaos. Literally, it means “no hierarchy”.

5. Hinduism is known to Westerners as “The Religion of 3,000 Gods”, which is actually a mis-translation of “..Infinite Gods”.

Whether you see God as an “it”, a “Him”, a “they” or an “us”,  however you choose to conceptualize this world and beyond, HAPPY XMAS!

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  1. …conceptual art,a radical movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s,that emphasized the art concept over the Art object.It attempted to free art from the confines of the gallery and the pedestal ….like the Nada Dada movement of Chad Sorg’s in Reno Nevada….

    1. NadaDada, by the way, was founded (officially) by 6 of us. Godspeed to those involved with the movement these days. PolyEster, to be specific!

      1. I realize it took six or ten or twenty people to make it work,but media and folks in general like someone to be Synonymous with a movement and that should be you, for name sake,of someone to go to…..ciao

      1. right. ya know, just to split hairs, my people prob didn’t have papers either so why is it YOUR people get to have that distinction?
        We’re just named after a food (krauts).

      2. ….just that old bull shit of each immigrant group putting down another group to get their job or place to live,my Irish side snuck in to the country,also,getting away from the Irish potato famine,they were called “Mick’s” what ever that meant ? Just ignorance put’n down other humans….

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