LIGHTNING and THUNDER at the Car Forest!

Ron Pinkerton came to the Car Forest a few months ago.

He was out there 2 nights in a row, shooting after sunset in the wind and rain and lightening, lighting the cars and shooting shooting shooting. I saw him out there with his flash very late one night as a storm came thru and went.

it really was a spectacular moment for Ron to be here shooting. If I remember right, Zak saw him downtown with his big camera and he was pointed in our direction. Really awesome guy and these shorts are almost too good to be true. The guy knew his shit and must be some kind of Buddhist or something to be patient as he was.

click thru and look at these shots blown up on Ron’s Flkr page. TELL him how frickin amazing these are!

The Gatekeeper
Blue Moon Rising (aka Bus-ted)


5 thoughts on “LIGHTNING and THUNDER at the Car Forest!

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Chad! I’m hoping to come out and do more in the spring, when the nights are just a little warmer.

    1. Ron, I just might have to do an oil on canvas based on this skull car shot, the Gatekeeper. I love the title too!
      I have a painting/writing exhibition at a college in Reno, first of Feb.

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