Cat Sitting Fishbowler Part 3 -Journaling and Photos

Day 2, Evening

A record day on the blog site yesterday I think. Viewers are checkin’ up on me. It’s almost Christmas; lazy bastards -nuthin’ better to do. Suppose I’ll paint tonight.

(click these to see the slideshow blown UP!~)

Last night, cleared this little table and this day bed. I needed space for patient painting.

There are only so many places I could be in this trailer. I’ll list them all:

Day bed, here where I am now. Table & chair, about 2.5 feet from my head at the moment, where my booted foot is right now. Kitchen, starting about one foot past my foot and ending 6 feet beyond that. I’ll call it.. the pantry; that’s just beside the kitchen which is where the cat bowl is on the floor beside the old propane heater.

In these images, you’ll see some shot yesterday of the old high school, during my walk back to the camper. I wish to fishbowl from this building at some point. As you can see, the building needs some attention and I’m all about bringing the noise! It’s a cause I’d like to be involved with. There’s money for preservation if we can get the cause publicized. I don’t know if they really understand what fishbowling could do for them. Readers, please email me back if you have specific ideas where to find money for this historic and most beautiful school house.

Bedroom is beyond this room, about 7 ft. from my foot. There is a porch this is really just a space beside the camper, otherwise, this is the extent of the this abode. If I stand on my left foot, my left hand reaching one wall, stretching my right foot reaches the other wall for the width of this camper trailer.

The train I’m letter is just beyond that silver trailer over there across the way. Whiskers is purring. Stupid dog barks outside. Whiskers looks at me as if to say “should I be concerned?” This evening he showed me the food he prefers by jumping toward it (in the pantry) from the kitchen counter, 3 feet away from him. I’m thinking of offering Mister White Whiskers cat nip; I’m drinking a beer. Let’s PARTY Mister Whiskers!

Took some pictures, alot actually. You’ll see them taken from this end of the camper to that end. 12 feet in distance, I’d say. Time to play and paint. Cats don’t get bored; I like that.

This painting I’m about to embark upon, it’s horizontal in ratio and based on photos of a sunset I took a month ago. Orange, purple, electrified! Concentrated glow.

Day 3, Afternoon

There’s a pretty thick fog outside right now. It’s morning. I’m going out to shoot and then post on the blog here. Also, I’m out of tobacco. Probably walk home for that. I was puffin’ away last night while painting. BUT THIS PAINTING -it’s turning out really well and easy. Yes, no distractions really helps alot.

The 2 books of art I brought to look at are on Van Gogh and Monet. Vincent wrote such beautiful letters and his impoasto paint is impressive, the way he just does it and ends it. I thought of him last night while applying my goops of white and yellow. It’s hard for me to just stop. Thnx for the help, Vincent.

You have to leave this place every day to do your dootie. You know what I’m sayin’? Number two; but it’s great because that most basic of functions the body needs gets us out of our cave by necessity.

The windows of this thing are like chest level when standing.

Monet could get colors to harmonize and clash at will. Looking at his work, you see he only cared about color effects. I care about translucence.

I woke at 11 today. I had excellent sleep, worked late last night I guess. No clock in the camper so today’s filtered sunlight made it hard to tell the time ’til I checked my laptop.

Mister White Whiskers was out most of the night. He got the oily gourmet stuff for breakfast.

I did end up taking that walk home in the biting wind today. Took a couple dumps, downed coffee and gathered a few supplies: canvases, my easel, vodka, cool aid mix, socks, tobacco, color harmony book, hydrogen peroxide for me teeth. Zak and Alison are not home at the moment. They’re possibly getting a ride to Reno for Christmas, but have apparently not left yet. I like the clown head he laid on the table here. I like the sunlight in our house. A couple ATVs came for a quick visit to the Car Forest during my quick visit.

I’m bringing a few onions as well. I was thinking about Diogenes. See his statue in “Cat Sitting Post 1”. They say this philosopher only ate onions and lived naked in a barrel. He was the original cynic.

Maybe I’ll finish this canvas of the Tex Rickard house tonight. Probably record some CDs of my radio show for the parents.

On my walk home today, I was thinking of wants vs. needs. I like the simplicity.

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