Cat Sitting Fishbowl Stint pt. 5

Christmas Eve Went Like This

Just got back from dinner at Carl & Patty’s; spaghetti and garlic bread. Good company. Others were there as well, Dave & Patty. We all have radio shows on KGFN. We’re all friends. It’s nice having friends. I miss family. I know they miss me. Gotta remember to cal them.

Work on the Tex Rickard house is rigorous. It’s clean, clean. Super clean and being done in glazes so this means it takes time, painting the details right and I don’t rush it. Days turn into weeks with this one.

There are bricks and shingles. My oils lay down in various ways so the tricks come out. I don’t want to have to outline every single brown shingle or every red brick. That’s the challenge here.

So I worked on a different painting after that ordeal. It’s interesting we get to publish our thoughts as we’re painting them, these days.

So this other painting, it’s very van Gogh. Vincent burped out color, almost impatiently, but his drawing style showed up on the canvas as well. He drew into paint, that’s what Picasso did alot as well. This painting is like that.

I had said to myself the other night that Vincent would have not liked the desert; it’s hard to exaggerate colors here. Colors are a bountiful gift and this painting sings. It’s friendly and delightful, but the sky is overcast and the landscape is not sun drenched.

An indulgence I dip into is lots of blue, in the ground, in the buildings, on the walls, the shadows of everything, blue. I love playing with that. I let myself go with this one.

I had started with blocks of color I let dry over night. It was a very brief underpainting so then I was able to let loose and render forms with that color already there for ground areas.

The white was also dashed off unbridled in a few spots. There’s a camper in this painting and it stands out, even beside the red broken down car beside it.

I could walk you to this spot. It’s right by my house and not a typically beautiful location, looking toward some shacks and trailers, but the ridges miles behind, that’s nice to see as a back drop.

So it all lined up nicely in the photo I thought, so this painting came from the lines of that photo shot a month ago.

I call this painting, tentatively and in jest, yes, Fruit Cocktail Desert, yes desert. It’s so bright and lively. Saturated desert scene.


Christmas Day (and Night)

For lunch I was invited to have dinner at the Dinky Diner. I walked down there and it was a full house. Completely full of locals there for Christmas Dinner together. It was such a great thing. For those of us with no family here it was wonderful and the feast was excellent. Small town excellence.

It’s kind of always on our mind, the solitude here. Goldfield is not just out in the country, it’s very remote desert. It’s 4 hours to civilization. Alot of us keep to ourselves and that’s how we’ve ended up here. I’ve done it all and so have many others so we know what we’ve got in our little town.

I took a coffee to go and said my Merry Christmases, hugs and off I was, back to the little camper to paint.

Once nestled in, another canvas was started late Christmas night. It’s the other standing bus at the Car Forest. By the way, I did forget to call family until it was too late. That 3 hours time difference slipped my mind.

I had called this hill One Car Hill because for a long time it only had the one car, which happened to be the first car I ever painted here, years ago. Now it’s burnt. Someone lit it on fire, probably Rippie and the paint was all burnt off but you can barely see a head from what I painted so long ago. Anyhoo, a yellow pick up was added to the hill top and then the big white bus started to stand there.

But the way they’re situated, the way they stand, the way the other two cars stand in front of the bus, it’s as if they all sprouted from the same seedbed. And the thick fog that day, behind the cars and concealing the ridge behind, it makes for a great painting. We’ll see.

But I started on that one Christmas night.

While I paint this bus, I think of the End of the World party and how much has changed here. We had 100 people visit that day but only 20 came to camp around our house. Port-a-potties were not needed. Nice burn though, damn nice burn. The rain let up and Rippie lit it up for a small crowd. Las Vegas newspaper was there. Jeeze, that was 6 months ago.



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