I make art in strange places and blog about it.

Detractor Detractor

Detractor Detractor

“To Dance In Front Of”, Sorg, 2004, Resin & Mixed on Board, in the collection of Jim House

Detractor detractor, from where does
your anger come?
I’ve known alot of realistic mo fos
and you, friend
are not

I never said
you have to like what I’m doing
it’s just this trash you talk
the indignant spewing
it makes me wonder
what kind of damage you sustained
to make you hate, insinuate,
hide behind blame.

Ego? Of course I have one.
My ego’s a bitch
my ego’s a bum

I don’t feed my dumb ego
when it becomes voracious
but maybe that’s the difference
“I am not my ego” repeat after me
say this.


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